How to Hide Files on Xiaomi Phones

Understand How to Hide Photos, Videos, PDFs and other Files on Xiaomi Phones

How to Hide Files on Xiaomi Phones – If you are a xiaomi cellphone user, you must know tricks to hide files such as word documents, pdfs, folders, pictures, music and other files.

Files that have been hidden will not be visible and safe to maintain their privacy. How to hide this file does not require us to install an additional application, because this feature is actually on every Android smartphone

Easy Ways to Hide Files or Files Photos, videos, and other important files on Xiaomi cellphones

Here’s a tutorial on how to hide our important files on a Xiaomi cellphone:

First step:

1. Open your File manager

2. Find the file you want to hide or hide

3. Click and hold on the file you want to hide

4. Select the 3 dots that appear below

5. Select Hide

Second way:

1. Open File Manager

2. Click and hold the file you want to hide

3. Select the 3 dots that appear below

4. Then Click Rename

5. Please change the application that was originally named video1 to .video1

6. Add a dot symbol in front of the file name

7. Later a message will appear that the file will be hidden, after that click OK

Those are two easy ways to hide files on the latest android. You can try this method yourself at home.

How do I go back to the files that we have hidden earlier?

Here’s how to see files that have been hidden on a xiaomi cellphone:

1. Open File manager

2. Select line 3 in the upper left corner

3. Click Settings

4. Enable on Show Hidden Files Option

Now you can see the files that you have hidden earlier. Hiding files is important so that other people do not open our files without our permission.

That’s the tutorial on how to easily hide photo, video files or other files on your xiaomi phone. Hopefully this tutorial can be useful for all of you.

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