How to Watch Youtube While Opening Other Applications on Vivo Without Applications

Here’s How to Watch Youtube While Opening Other Applications on Vivo Y91

How to Watch Youtube While Opening Other Applications on Vivo Y91 – I know you guys like to do multitasking activities on Android like opening apps while watching movies. This multitasking activity allows us to run several at once, for example watching YouTube while opening the WhatsApp application.

To perform this multitasking activity, it takes two programs that you must try. Here are two methods to watch YouTube while opening other applications on your Vivo cellphone.

First Method: Must Have a Premium Youtube account

It’s not enough just to have a YouTube premium account, you have to activate the PIP (picture in Picture) feature on your Youtube application so you can do watching activities while opening other applications. Please follow the tutorial below to activate the PIP feature in the Youtube application:

1. Open Youtube App

2. Select Settings

3. Next select General

4. Activate the Picture in Picture Mode

If you have, now you can watch videos on YouTube while opening other applications. Later the youtube video will appear in a small size. The main requirement for this method is that you must have a YouTube premium account.

If you don’t have a YouTube premium account, you can try downloading YouTube Vanched as an optional only.

The Second Method: Use the Split Screen Feature

In this second method, your cellphone must support the split screen feature. Split screen is a multitasking feature that can run two applications simultaneously.

We can use this feature to open the YouTube application while opening other applications. It’s very easy, please follow the tutorial below:

1. Go to settings

2. Choose smart layer division and choose manual division, make sure you have it activated

If we have activate the split screen feature in a way:

1. Open the youtube application, then swipe down with your 3 fingers

2. Now at the bottom, other applications have appeared, you can choose which application you want to open together with YouTube earlier

So that’s the tutorial on how to watch youtube while opening other applications. With the above method you can try how to play youtube in the background on various devices such as vivo, oppo, xiaomi and Samsung too but the method may be a little different because the way the settings with the two methods above can be different too.

Hopefully this tutorial can be useful and can be useful for all of you, I end, thank you for watching this video.

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