How to Lock Vivo 4G Network

Vivo Hp Users Must Know, Here’s How to Activate it so that HP Vivo 4G Only

How to Lock Vivo 4G Network – how to lock the vivo network to 4G does look easy. But did you know that not everyone understands why and when we have to lock our network to 4G only.

We need to change the network to 4G only to get good internet performance. In addition, by using a 4G network only, it is claimed that a network will be more stable so that when playing a game the ping that appears is also stable. This perception is not entirely correct and not entirely wrong, because many factors make a network stable and unstable.

The need to play a game, where we need a fast and stable internet, so that it produces a good ping. In this case the time is right for us to lock our network to 4G only.

How to Lock Vivo 4G Signal With Secret Code

The Vivo 4G signal lock code can be done with two secret dials. The secret here means a public secret where many writers have done this trick.

The two secret codes to lock this network are

Use Dial Code *#*# 4636#*#*

This code 4636 has become an open secret, where on xiaomi devices it is also often used. You can use this dial code on your Vivo cellphone to lock the network to 4G Only.

Use Dial Code *#*#4838#*#*

Not all vivo phones support the dial code 4636 above, alternatively you can use this second dial code. How to use it is very easy, you can follow the step by step video below:

How to Lock Vivo 4G Signal With the Help of Apps

If the two methods above cannot be applied to your Vivo cellphone, we still have another way, namely with the help of 3rd party applications. With the help of the 4G Only network lock application that friends can download from the Play Store. just search for the application in the play store with keywords 4G Only.

Note: When on 4G Only, you will not be able to receive calls or make phone calls. please return to preferred 4G settings

If you have, now you can know how to easily lock the 4G telkomsel network on your Vivo cellphone or you can also use an Indosat card and others.

I hope you can understand the meaning of my writing. I hope what I wrote can help you. That’s all and see you again in the next tips.

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