How to Solve Problematic Google Chrome Android

Try This Way To Solve Google Chrome Problems On Your Android
– Chrome Troubled due to many factors. Google Chrome itself is a browser that supports multi-platform. You can download google chrome for your laptop, tablet or nadroid device.

Google chrome is a browser that I think is more comfortable and safe to use. Therefore I highly recommend this google chrome to be installed on your android.

The problem of why downloading on Google Chrome is slow can be solved by trying the tricks that I have shared on my blog.

Problems That Sometimes Occur On Google Chrome Android

1. Force Close

The cause of the google chrome problem that sometimes force closes is because your chrome version is outdated so the google chrome application will crash. Usually the chrome version is too old and the android version on your device that has been updated to the latest version.

The solution install updates via the playstore application, and don’t install illegal versions because they can contain malware so your android security will block them. Sometimes this is the cause of your chrome application not opening.

2. Google Chrome is slow

It often happens that when we use Google Chrome, it feels slow, seems very slow. The cause of this is many factors, starting from your cellphone that is too potato and the cache and application data have swelled.

Solution what I offer is that you try to clear the cache and data of the Google Chrome application, another solution is to try installing updates if any or you can uninstall them to the earliest version to make it easier.

3. Can’t Install Chrome

The causes of this can vary, ranging from google play services that are not installed or not updated, then other causes can also be because your device does not get support.

The solution is if you are from a custom rom, please install gapps, but if you are from another device such as huawei, please install google play services first. The point is if the cellphone doesn’t have Google support, then install Play Services first.

4. Google Chrome Can’t Download

The cause is in the user usually, this is when you want to download a movie on chrome or want to download another file but it is not downloaded. Most likely, chrome detects the file as a virus so it doesn’t download, another possibility is that the javascript feature on your google chrome is off or you can turn off your pop up feature.

Another possibility is because you are a layman in the internet world, so you are sometimes deceived by the download links you click. For example, click a download link that is not the original link. It’s normal because many movie download sites use safelink to hide the download link.

The solution ask a friend who knows how to download on the site, you can also search on google how to download movies related to that site. Don’t forget to allow pop up features and java scripts in your browser.

For those whose Google Chrome can’t be updated on the Play Store, please use the trick that you can get on my blog.

So, those are some of the problems that often appear in your Google Chrome application, some of the problems above are based on my own experience. If you have a different problem, you can leave a comment on this article.

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