How to Increase Credit Score and Report Player Away From Keyboard

The reduced credit score in the world of mobile legends can be a scourge that can come to all of us at any time. If you remember a few months ago that the credit score can be reduced when we leave the game intentionally or unintentionally, yup this is a very noticeable reason at that time.

Currently, if you start the game and don’t confirm to continue the hero selection, your credit score will decrease by one. For afk players, we are given a reporting feature against naughty players such as playing badly, using dirty words, away from the keyboard and others.

Well, if there is a case, it’s quite serious, friend, because there is more than one player who is afk. Chances are you can experience god-level emotions, especially if you do a rank mode match, the statistics I attached above are also in rank mode and luckily you can still win.

I don’t know what the afk players are thinking, whether they are just trying to win, the internet quota is running out, the cellphone battery is running out or the cellphone is slamming into a boyfriend because he’s too busy looking after miya hehe.

Believe it or not, a true MOBA player is anti-afk, friend. The reporting feature made by Moonton in this mobile legends game can be found at the end of the match. Now, before you return to the dashboard, you can report this naughty player, match statistics will be displayed. Here’s how:

how to report a naughty player
  1. After the game is over, don’t rush out of the game or go to the dashboard. But look at the statistics of the results of the matches that have been skipped.
  2. If there is an afk player, it is suspected of cheating such as using scripts, low skills etc. and my friend wants to report the player then my friend just tap the red city exclamation button icon in the top right corner as shown in the image above
  3. Then, on the afk player statistics, the love icon will change to an exclamation icon then tap the button.
  4. After that, a pop up report will appear and you will be given several reasons why you should do the report, so you just have to choose the right reason so that the report accumulates and the player gets punished immediately.
  5. Then tap the confirm button, the report player information will be entered into the in-game email.

Well, so that the next draw will be tutors for players who have been reported by other players or detected by the game system.

The punishment given to my knowledge is not only a reduced credit score, but my friend can also experience temporary or even permanent bans if you commit fraud. This time I will discuss about credit scores because I have written about being banned in an article that I have published

The credit score has a certain limit, for example if your credit score is below 90 then you can’t do rank mode matches, as well as if it’s getting down and down some matches can’t be done like when the credit score is worth 100.

Meanwhile, to be able to reuse these features, you have to add a credit score at least to meet the credit score limit, and I make sure the effect of a decreased credit score will limit you from doing activities in the game.

How to Increase Mobile Legends Credit Score

  1. In my opinion, to increase the credit score quickly is to play brawl mode, my friend can choose vs. AI or normal brawl. Personally, I prefer normal brawl mode because when you get a maniac or savage, you must be more satisfied because you are fighting against humans, not systems. Why is brawling faster? Because the arena is only one line so the match will finish faster than other modes.
  2. If you want to enjoy the game and are looking for savage, then my advice is to choose classic match mode, you can also choose vs. AI or Classic normal player.

I myself can’t be separated from the reduced credit score, friend because I’ve also done afk hehe once afk got a reduction of 7 credit scores and to increase my credit score I played brawl mode and credit points collected faster but if I can still rank I prefer rank.

That’s a little info that I can share with fellow gamers, I hope it’s useful. Thank you

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