How to Install Gcam and Best Gcam for Redmi Note 7

How to Install Gcam on Redmi Note 7 – Redmi Note 7 is a smartphone that many people are looking for and it was magical even though now it has been produced quite a lot and is not too rare or magical anymore.

In my opinion, after a few days of using this Redmi Note 7, for social media and games it runs smoothly but for heavy games like PUBG Mobile there is a little lag. I feel confused whether the game is really bad or even the redmi note 7 rom is bad. hmm I don’t understand either.

for the level of wasteful battery, I think it’s the same as in the previous whyred, the level of waste when on the miui 10 rom is not too much different. a bit extravagant redmi note 7 in my opinion.

OK, let’s go back to the title and our discussion. so I was tempted by this redmi note 7 because the design is really solid and I want to try a camera that is maximized through the software to 48MP. I’m curious and want to compare it with the Gcam installed on the Note 7 with the built-in camera.

So for those of you who want to install gcam on the redmi note 7, you don’t need to install twrp, you don’t need to unlock the bootloader (UBL) and install camera 2 api.

because on the redmi note 7 the camera 2 fire is already active, so just download the Gcam and install it..!!

How to Install Gcam and Best Gcam for Redmi Note 7
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Here are some Gcams that I recommend and indeed the results are pretty good, but there are some Gcam applications that are less stable depending on the settings used:

  1. BSG Gcam Version 6.2 you only need to activate a few settings. you can look at the BSG list and pay attention to the changelog and the recommended settings.
  2. GCam_6.1.021_Advanced_V1.5.190418.1850 if this Gcam there is a config file that you must download too. please download the gcam and install the config.
  3. MGC_6.1.021_MI8_V2b_plus4 Gcam You can try this one too. remember, different versions of Gcam have different results, it’s just the settings used and how to take photos.

The redmi note 7 default camera is already good in my opinion, but the results from Gcam are more detailed and more pleasing to the eye too. but everything will be good depending on our creativity and I think all of them both the default camera and the Gcam still need to be improved again for this redmi note 7.

How to install the Gcam as follows:

  1. Download one of the Gcam APKs above
  2. Open the folder where you downloaded the Gcam
  3. After that, click the GCAM APK and click Install
  4. For Gcams that need settings, you can try according to the recommended settings with the Config file that has been provided.

This method is only specifically for the redmi note 7, because not all xiaomi cellphones have their camera 2 fire activated automatically. other than that, this method can be tried specifically for the redmi note 7 rom that has android pie.

Thank you for visiting, hopefully it can be helpful and useful.

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