How to Install Windows Complete with USB Flashdisk

In the era of Windows XP, as far as I remember, installing a computer operating system was still using a CD or DVD.

Getting here – here is familiar with the name netbook, which is a small device usually measuring 12 inches and below without being equipped with a cd/dvd drive, so it makes me wonder how to install the operating system.

Do you use an external cd/dvd or use a usb flash drive? I was looking for info, it turns out that there is software from Microsoft, namely Windows USB/DVD, this software functions to make a USB flash drive a means to install the operating system.

Here’s how:

1. Select Software to install windows usb

  • Download the software on the official Microsoft website
  • Select download, then select the type of software you want
type of windows usb/dvd
  • Check the type of choice then select next
  • After you finish eating, continue to install the software

2. How to use windows usb/dvd

  • Open the windows usb/dvd software
  • Select the windows operating system file, which is commonly used is the .iso file type, if you don’t have it, it can be downloaded on the official Microsoft website, next
  • Select the Type of USB Device to create a copy os file on the usb flashdisk
  • Choose Begin Copying
  • Wait for the process
  • Done

3. How to install windows using a flash drive

  • Turn on/restart the computer
  • Enter the system BIOS, using the f2, f9 or del keys depending on the device you have
  • To change which device the system reads first, we select boot, swipe using the navigation directions on the keyboard
  • Usually the boot settings are set on the hard drive / hard disk
  • Convert it to a USB flash drive or removable device
  • Then Save and Exit
  • In some cases I have experienced that if a device is not pressed enter it does not enter Windows install mode, but there are also devices that automatically enter Windows install mode.
  • Next, install the operating system
  • Done

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