How to Install Youtube Vanched without having to root our Android phone

Tutorial on installing the Vanched Youtube application – Previously I have discussed the problem of how to install Youtube Vanched on our Android. But in the previous tutorial we needed root access to be able to install the vanched youtube application.

this time we will discuss again how to install or install Youtube vanched without having to root our android phone, without Unlock Bootloader and without installing Twrp and without Installing Magisk. For those of you who like watching movies on YouTube or watching a variety of content but don’t like ads, you can install YouTube Vanched to fix that. maybe because the youtubers are too excessive in placing their ads, thus making us uncomfortable.

Before we start, it’s a good idea for friends to download the material files first, I have prepared the apk file which I got from the vanched youtube website directly. please download:

After you download the file above, then you install the Apk file as usual. Read the following information so that friends understand:

  1. Extract the Rar File earlier, there will be two Apk files that I have provided in it
  2. Install File YouTube_13.50.52_API17(arm64-v8a_armeabi-v7a_x86_x86_64)(nodpi)(vDark-v2.0.6)-vanced.apk her as usual. the installation process can take a while, so be patient and wait. if it is finished then you have successfully installed the youtube vanched without having to root your android phone.
  3. Next you install the file microG_YouTube_Vanced_0.2.4-105.apk after you install the Vanched Youtube file in the second step above. This MicroG application is a file service that is used to support the Vanched youtube apk so that you can login to your Youtube account, without installing this MicroG file, you will not be able to log in to your Youtube account.

That’s how to install Youtube Vanched without having to root your Android phone. For features that are root and non-root versions, this is the same. But what makes the difference is that the root version can overwrite the apk file of the default YouTube application, while the non-root version will not overwrite the default Youtube apk file.

So when you install the Non-Root version of the Youtube Vanched Application on your device, there will be two Youtube applications but have a slightly different logo. So with this you can choose to use Youtube Original to watch videos that have few ads and Use Youtube Vanched to watch Videos on Youtube that have lots of ads.

The reason why the Non-rooted Youtube Vanched does not overwrite the default Youtube Apk file is because Google Play service cannot respond to the Vanched Youtube application, so the Non-rooted Youtube Vanched changes the package name of the application, so the package is different from the default Youtube application.

If you want to visit the Website that launched Youtube Vanched, you can visit The link is here!! Good luck and use it wisely, I just want to provide information for friends who want to use Youtube Vanched. If you feel confused by my explanation above, you can access my video on youtube for installation details:

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