How to make online shopping transactions to be safe

People’s shopping methods nowadays have changed a lot, when before getting to know online stores people shopped in stores and now many online stores have sprung up so that people change their shopping style. What we must understand when we shop online is the safety factor because if we are not careful then we will be harmed.

If we make a transaction in a large online store such as Lazada, Shopee, Tokopedia, Matahari Mall. etc. we can be a little calmer because the online store website does provide good features in terms of ordering an item to be purchased by consumers.

However, it will be different if we shop at olx because basically the website provides flexibility for sellers and buyers to make personal transactions.

As is the case when we want to buy a product that we meet on Facebook groups, Facebook pages or personal accounts, if we are still in doubt we can take advantage of the transaction system by utilizing third parties, namely we can use the services of Pulber or Recber.

Understanding the Gapunyakode version of Rekber

RekBer stands for joint account, there are several accounts that are already big and new, each account must have its own terms or rules.

Like when we are going to shop in a certain Facebook group, usually the group has re-account services.

for example, in the past, I used to make online game transactions, I used the services of a broker in the group, at first I was still hesitant because it was my first time using a brokerage service, the initial requirements requested by the broker were to send online game data (the seller) and transfer money to the accountant’s account ( buyer) for an agreement fee (service fee) between the buyer and seller and in this transaction the fee is borne by the buyer

After a while all the conditions that have been sent to the accountant to change the password can be called account security, the account manager contacts and gives the account to the buyer and transfers the money to the seller.

Usually, after successfully doing one account, friends become addicted and don’t hesitate to shop online. hehe but you still have to be careful and make sure the rekber service is genuine, not a cloned account

Understanding Pulber version of gapunyakode

Pulber stands for mutual credit, this service I encountered a few moments after getting to know rekber. In my experience, the method is not much different from making transactions using rekber.

Usually, Pulber is used for transactions with a nominal value below 500 thousand, but there are also those who carry out transactions above that nominal.

That’s the review that I can share this time, hopefully it can help friends, Thank you

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