How to make our photos into stickers on the Whatsapp Android application

Making Our Photos Into Stickers In the Whatsapp Application – This time the informant will provide information about how to make our photos into stickers in the whatsapp application. These stickers are usually sent to friends as our expression or as a joke in the group. so here we can make our own stickers for free according to their respective creativity.

Now whatsapp can send stickers in the latest version update, if you are using the beta version of whatsapp then you must have known this sticker info for a long time. my friends definitely want to know how to make our photos or photos of our friends as stickers and can be used in the whatsapp application, the method is actually easy but maybe it will be a little complicated for some people. we only need to edit our photos with a photo editor application, then save it with an image size of 400 x 400 or it can be 500×500 with png format. Don’t forget to change the background to the transparent version.

Here are some applications that must be provided if you want to make stickers from our photos:

  • Download PixelLab or any other Photo Editor app you can
  • Download Personal Stickers For Whatsapp
  • Mandatory to update the Whatsapp application to the latest version (Use Whatsapp Official, not the mod)

Next, you must be able to edit photos using PixelLab with the following conditions:

  • The photo is resized to 400 x 400 or according to the sticker standard
  • The photo must have a transparent background in PNG format
  • After that save this stage you can see the video I provide below

Next is to enter the sticker into whatsapp using the Whatsapp Personal Sticker application. The way, you have to provide 3 photo files that have been edited using PixelLab earlier, then open the application from the Personal sticker and click add.

the next step is to try to send the sticker into a chat. here are some summary images to enter the photo into a sticker into Whatsapp.

How to make our photos into stickers on the Whatsapp Android application

You can send a sticker by clicking on the emoji symbol on your keyboard, then find your sticker and send it to a friend or even your friend.

I will upload the video soon, you can see it in the video so that it will be clearer later. That’s all for this tutorial, I hope what I have informed can be useful for all of my friends. Thank you for taking the time to stop by here!!

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