How to Make a Simple HTML Data Input Registration Form Display

To be able to login to a website, a registration form is usually given to input user data into the system, which will later be stored in the system database.

The website form display can be in the form of a popup or a page, if you prefer a popup or page view?

This time I will invite friends to find out how to create a registration form to input user data, it doesn’t look like a popup, does it?

This time I want to give a simple / simple look, yes it is very simple. But even though it’s simple in my experience, simple things are very important to achieve something bigger.

The following is a simple HTML code to create a Data Input Form

Dashboard Has No Code



Menu 1
Menu 2
Menu 3

no code

Data Input Form


The form tag plays an important role in creating an input form, inside the tag there is a select tag input, it looks like a dropdown form and the value or choice already exists automatically, but if it is linked to the database we can use the php function to retrieve data that is already available in the database. in databases.

I’m still confused, friend, if we write down data such as religious data which may have been confirmed in number, do we need to enter it into the database or do we write it directly in the code?

In your opinion, what code is light in writing when loading data from the database?

Here’s the Css code

forms {
margin-left: 45px;
h2 {
margin-left: 45px;

The margin code serves to provide distance, to give a margin to a certain part intended to display the layout design according to our wishes, as the padding is almost the same but still different hehe.

That’s how to create a registration form using simple html. Hopefully useful for friends Thank you.

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