How to Make Sure the Telkomsel Gift SMS Message Is Genuine Or Fraudulent

How to Make Sure the Telkomsel Gift SMS Message Is Genuine Or FraudulentWhat is SmS Fraud?

Fraudulent SMS is a message from someone that will lead to a loss for the recipient of the message. Usually, fraudulent sms uses a card number like a regular number and some even use a unique number.

Fraudulent sms will offer some goods or some money and others so that the Telkomsel card consumer is interested so that in the end it will harm consumers. So buddy no code have to be careful.

Reported from the Telkomsel media account that they urge Telkomsel card users to be wary of messages in the name of Telkomsel with the intention of giving a gift.

How to Overcome Scam SMS Messages?
If we receive an sms with suspicious content or with a mediocre number, just ignore it, don’t take it seriously. If you are curious, you can follow the steps like this.

  1. Contact the 188 call center by phone
  2. Confirm directly to Grapari (telkomsel service center) in your area
  3. Confirm to telkomsel media account

In addition, we must also be vigilant in purchasing internet packages or pulses. So that we don’t get tempted by the cheap price, which ends up losing our money.

Purchase Credit or Legal Data Packages

The safest purchase of credit or data packages is to use legal services. Such as using the mytelkomsel application, marketplace: Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee and others.

Or you can go the old way, such as going to shops selling pulses. With a legal method, of course, we will avoid unwanted things such as fraud.

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