How to Start an Online Investment Business Through Bitcoin

How to Start an Online Investment Business Through BitcoinYo, for those of you who have the desire to develop an online investment business through cryptocurrency, you can start by registering in a market such as here.

If you have registered, you can make a deposit, now here we can deposit IDR and other coins which are certainly available in the market. But before making a deposit, make sure your account is perfectly verified.

Why ? Because the data entered will be used for transactions, so our account must really be filled with our data, it can’t be in someone else’s name. The account number must also be the same as the official name of our account.

How to Deposit Bitcoin/IDR?

  • Buddy login to your account
  • Then go to the swallow, then select the line as desired. If you want to deposit IDR then just select deposit on the IDR line.
How to Start an Online Investment Business Through Bitcoin

  • Make sure the name of the atm owner must be the same as the name of the indodax account.
  • Make sure the idr transfer is the correct amount
  • Then follow the steps until it’s finished, and fill in the fields correctly (you can try it first if you’re still in doubt)
  • After making the transfer, then you just need to do “Confirm Transfer”
  • Do not lose proof of bank transfer, friend, because later it will be proof of confirmation.
  • After success, you can also check the transaction history, for example as follows.
How to Start an Online Investment Business Through Bitcoin
  • If successful, our balance in the new wallet will increase and then we can buy bitcoin with the idr.
  • Next step, my friend, just go to the market
  • Then select BTC then select buy bitcoin
How to Start an Online Investment Business Through Bitcoin
  • Well, fill in the total rupiah according to the nominal you want.
  • So there will be an estimate of the btc we will get

After successfully buying bitcoin, the next is your choice. Will it be used as a depot for other business fields or is it just an investment so only sell it when the price rises. All of that goes back to my friend Gapunyakode.

The most basic way of trading is to buy when the price is lowest and sell when the price is high.


To start doing this business, you should prepare personal data to help smooth and secure transactions. Patience is the main key for a trader so he can be observant in understanding the business cycle.

I’m personally new to bitcoin in 2014 so I still need a lot to learn about this, but what I got so far I’ll share here so that it can be useful for friends who want to have additional income.

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