How to Use OMG Quota ! Latest Telkomsel

How to Use OMG Quota !  Latest Telkomsel

What is OMG Quota?

OMG quota is a quota that was previously included in the maxstream quota and then reconditioned back to a new service to become an OMG quota. The change in the name of this quota does not change the number of services that we will get.

We can still enjoy the previous services such as instagram, hooq, viu, and others. And the newest service that we will get from Oh My Gigabytes quota! one of them is to be able to access youtube.

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How are you buddy no code ?Special isn’t it, friend? The addition of access services is not only YouTube, you know, but you can also access Facebook. Besides that, what are we going to get from this?

OMG Quota Function !
OMG’s quota function can access several new services and does not eliminate the old functions. For more details, please check below about the use of quota omg!

  1. Youtube
  2. Instagram
  3. Facebook
  4. Maxstream
  5. Viu
  6. hooq
  7. Bein Sport
  8. iflix
  9. Nickelodeon Play
  10. Click Movie

Those are 10 services that we can access using OMG quota.

That’s a brief review of omg’s quota, hopefully it can help my friend, Gapunyakode. For how to activate the internet package, please visit InternetOMG. Thank you

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