How to Overcome the Couldn't Fetch Sitemap in the Latest Search Console

How to Overcome the Couldn't Fect Sitemap in the Latest Search Console

no code – Yo, my friend, Gapunyakode, I’ve been using a subdomain from blogger for 2 years. The Gapunyakode blog used to use the subdomain and now it has changed to

Why did I change domains? Because I realize this blog if you use a subdomain, it certainly looks less professional and it’s been a long time since I wanted to change to a top level domain or blogger friends often call it TLD.

Straight to the point, bro. After the custom domain, we have to resubmit the sitemap to the google search console, right, friend. Why ? Because of course this new domain will be indexed quickly by the largest search engine, namely Google.

How to Overcome the Couldn't Fect Sitemap in the Latest Search Console

Well, I had a problem while inputting the sitemap, friend. The description that appears after submitting the sitemap is “Couldn’t Fetch”. I’m also worried that I’m experiencing something like this.

But after getting enlightened I tried a simple way that really fixes this problem. See, friends, how to submit a sitemap so you don’t experience “Couldn’t Fetch” especially for friends who are doing custom domains.

1. Submit Domain To Google Search Console
To submit a new domain, you can’t even do it carelessly, friend, if you make the slightest mistake, you can experience this problem, so here’s how:

How to Overcome the Couldn't Fect Sitemap in the Latest Search Console

The picture above is the latest display of the Google search console submit domain feature, here we have to really understand how to use it

  • To submit a new domain, select the right column.
  • Make sure to write it starts like this example https:// and not http://
  • Next, please verify and then enter your sitemap

2. If You Continue to “Couldn’t Fetch” Sitemap

If it happens I take steps to delete the property. Because we want to submit the sitemap several times, the results are still the same. So the solution to delete the property is my choice.

Next, my friend just needs to do the first step as above, and if there are no more errors then the problem can’t be solved.


The problem with the sitemap status “Couldn’t Fetch” is that we submit the url using http and if you don’t want to experience that then we have to use https. I also got this experience from personal experience a few minutes before writing this article. Yes, hopefully it will be useful for friends, blogger friends, gapunyakode. Thank you

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