How to Overcome Freeze, Ghost Touch, Xiaomi Redmi Jams When Playing Online Games

Previously I have made an article about How to solve the Redmi 5 Plus Freeze Touchscreen Doesn’t Move. After going through such a long time there must have been some development going on

That’s why I wrote this article to complete how to fix freeze, ghost touch, can’t move, touch stuck and a few things about touchscreen problems.

Chronology of Problems Touchscreen Freeze, Ghost Touch, Jams

At first I used MIUI 9.6.4 version for redmi 5 plus, this is because I am very comfortable and almost never experience touchscreen problems.

During the time that I went through, of course, it was not only the applications that I installed, of course there were many applications that had been installed. Well, for some time I’ve been experiencing random touch, freeze, stuck.

Especially when playing games, it feels really frozen, even moving is stuck like a loose motion, loose motion like that. It’s certain to make you uncomfortable, it’s certain to make you lose and get down in rank, friend. But this problem is now solved.

How to Overcome Touchscreen Freeze, Ghost Touch, Jams

Things I do is update miui 9.6.4 to miui 11.0.2 global stable. After I finished with the 1.4GB miui update, it felt like a new cellphone haha. The signal is improving, the touchscreen is also improving.

My assumption is, when the miui update finishes I see the storage capacity that was originally 11GB after the update becomes 12GB more. There may be cache, reset or deleted data.

If it’s data, it’s the cache that freezes, ghost touch, crashes. You can try to reset it back to factory settings. With the risk of some data being lost, so before that back up the data first.

But if you don’t want to reset to factory settings, then you can update miui to the latest version. All data will not be lost, many interesting new displays.

NB: When the update process stops for a long time at the MI logo, you should just wait. Mine took a long time to stop at the MI logo at first I thought it was bootloop but no.

Touch Freeze, Jams While Playing Games

Well, after the update, of course, immediately test the game. The start of the game went smoothly, no problems were experienced. But at different hours, I felt a little traffic jam, so I finally changed the provider.

The result after changing providers is smooth again without any more problems. It’s true, friend, that connection is very important when playing online games.

That’s the latest information that I experienced, hopefully what I write here is useful. Thank you

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