How to Overcome Seller's Balance and Shopee Seller's Minus Income Balance

Hello, friend, seller, don’t have a code, have you ever experienced a minus or reduced seller balance? Well, this time I want to share my experience about it because this is the first time I have experienced it.

What is Shopee Seller Balance?

The seller’s balance is the final amount of the sales you made through the shopee marketplace. Before entering the seller’s balance, the balance amount will be on the “My income” menu, on this menu we can see the details of buying and selling costs.

It is very important for the seller to always monitor the details of the sale, because sometimes there are things that get in the way, such as transactions that make our balance minus so that instead of getting money from the sale, we actually lose due to cost cuts that we don’t know why it is like that.

Deducted / Minus Seller’s Balance Solution

When you experience something like the above, you don’t need to panic, because so far Shopee has always helped the sellers well. How come ? yes in my experience both shopee and shopee cs always help me through this problem.

So when we experience this, we only need to contact the shopee, friend, you can go through the application directly and don’t forget to prepare the receipt number and order number so that it can be processed quickly.

After your report is received, the shopee cs immediately checks periodically and responds to incoming emails from shopee. The written processing time is 2-3 days excluding weekends as below.

Just wait, friend, hopefully the process will be fast.

To find out if the seller’s balance claim process is successful or not, you can periodically look at the sales balance transaction details. If there is an adjustment transaction, it is possible that your deducted balance has been returned, as below.

If there are several transactions that experience the same thing, you can do the same way, or you can report directly to the shopee cs at the same time.

That’s some information that I can convey to my friend Gapunyakode this time. Hopefully a lot of benefits, yes, if something is missing or wrong, my friend can leave a comment below. Thank you

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