How to Overcome Unstable Signal Green Yellow Red Doesn't Move When Gaming

Sharing experiences is fun, this article is about overcoming an unstable signal when playing online games. Regardless of the type of online game, if the signal is not stable, it will certainly be uncomfortable and will reduce the quality of play.

If you don’t experience this, I suggest that you don’t need to continue to the next match, because there are only defeats, resentment and downgrades. I guarantee it is like that. Except for a pro teammate.

If you want to keep playing then you should fix this problem first, but before that, you need to know that there are many factors that affect this. It could be because of the weather, your own cellphone, internet card, game server, application and others.

But to solve this problem, I just made 3 important factors to fix, namely cellphones, internet cards and game applications. Although not 100% but I have done the test myself and the results are decent. Here:

How to Overcome Unstable Signal Green Yellow Red Not Moving

1. HP

The first step is to be diligent in clearing the cache on the cellphone, this aims to provide free storage space. In my experience, the less memory left, the heavier the phone will operate.

Almost all mobile phone brands in our beloved country already have a built-in application to optimize and clear cache. As in xiaomi, you can find it in security applications.

2. Internet Card

The general step is usually to change the APN settings, but if the cause is true then changing the apn is the most appropriate choice. But yes, my friend, I myself am so excited to fix the internet card setting problem.

Why ? Because we want to tinker, however, if the signal is not good, it will still be unstable. So if fiddling with the card doesn’t work, I suggest using another card or better wifi.

Sometimes even using a 3G/WCDMA/H+ network is better and more stable than using LTE. Fact ? Yes bro, even though it feels a little hotter, the signal is stable.

If the server is the problem, the solution is of course to stop first, friend, because we can’t do anything if the problem is on the game server.

Don’t let us get emotional because of bad signals, friend, I myself know how it feels to experience this.

3. Game Apps

The most important thing is, my friend, you must always update, you know, make sure the version is the latest, please check in the apps store or playstore.

Diligently check game settings, like in mobile legends there is a clear cache feature. Do clear cache, here are the steps.

  • Go to “settings”
  • Select Network Detection
  • Just select Cache Clearing
  • Don’t forget to set “speed mode” to on.

Some events after updating game applications usually take a little time to enter the game dashboard. So friends, don’t panic, all you need to do is wait a few minutes.

Because the game system needs to be making adjustments and this event usually only happens once after updating, then it will be smooth as usual.

That’s it, friend, info on how to deal with unstable signals, of course when the new version is updated there are of course some new solutions. Of course, some of the articles that I made are still working, just check it out, friend. Thank you

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