How to Record Internal And External Audio on Android Without Root

Tutorial on how to record to bring up the internal audio and mic sound on android

How to Record Internal And External Audio on Android Without Root

Record Audio Internal Sound On Android – Recording internal and external sound on Android is not easy. need some settings that need to be done so that when recording the sound appears.

we usually just record without setting it first so this is the reason why the screen recorder has no sound.

many of us still don’t know how to record internal audio sound on android. for that I will provide some information for my friends about how to record internal audio and the sound from the mic is also recorded.

This time the informant will review it and I think this article will be quite long. I hope my friends and informants will read it to the end.

How to record internal sound on our android without root access?

to record internal sound only, we do not need additional applications or have to root. You can use the default application by setting the following:

  1. Open your screen recorder application
  2. then set the audio source to internal
    How to record android internal audio by anakinforman
  3. please test and I’m sure the audio will appear

How about recording internal and external sound on Android?

To record internal and external audio on Android, some require root access and some do not need root. if your cellphone gets an update to the android 11 version, then you don’t have to worry about it, because on android 11 you can record internal sound + mic very easily. Here’s how to record internal audio on Android 11:

  • open screen recording
  • set audio source to internal + Mic
    android 11 screenrecorder by
    Android 11 only
  • please test recorded while talking

then what about those who don’t get the Android 11 update? Now specifically for Android 10 you can record with third-party applications or you can use the trick of merging two applications.

The merging of these two applications has indeed been tested but the performance of your cellphone will make the cellphone heat up quickly and make your ram congested (especially ram 3, if ram 6 is still okay). If you want to try it, you can follow the steps below:

  • open your default screen recording application
  • set audio source to internal audio
  • after that click record
  • open your voice recorder application and click record
  • please test

the method of merging these two applications is not recommended at all, because it makes the cellphone feel like an iron and the performance becomes less, especially for recording pubg games which incidentally are heavy games. other than that you have to edit the audio separately.

Is there a way to record internal audio and a microphone (external) without merging the two applications above?

the answer can be but you need some additional tools such as capture cards such as elgato and others. if you want to use third-party applications, you can try using paid applications that are scattered in the playstore.

Those are some ways to record internal and external audio on Android. I hope this information can be useful.

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