How to Reinstall Android

Guide How To Reinstall Android, Easy And Fast!

No need to worry if your Android device suddenly crashes. There are many things that can be done as an effort to improve, one of which is by how to reinstall android. Similar to computers, Android devices also allow for re-installation to fix errors that occur.

Android that is reinstalled will return to normal, like new things that have just been obtained from the manufacturer. The question is, how to re-install the correct and correct android? There are at least two ways to reinstall android, what are they? Check out the following reviews, yes!

Easy! This is How to Reinstall Android

There are several ways to re-install Android, it can be by resetting or returning Android settings to the factory system, and it can be by flashing. What’s the difference, and what are the steps? Check out the following guide, come on!

Reinstall with Reset to Factory Settings

Did you know that how to reset a cellphone is very similar to how to reinstall it? Yes, because these two actions will both delete all data stored on the cellphone, and also restore the HP settings to their original state like a newly purchased cellphone.

Resetting the cellphone will be an action to restore the settings as before like a newly purchased cellphone, isn’t that also the purpose of reinstalling android? This is why it is said that the two are almost 100% similar.

How to re-install android by reset is recommended for those of you who want to clean unnecessary data and also return the phone to its original state, but don’t like it in a complicated and confusing way.

How to? Very, very easy. The first step, please open your HP settings or settings, then select the backup and reset menu. Finally, select the factory reset menu. This process will take about 10-20 minutes, wait until the process is complete and before that make sure the battery is charged at least 50%, yes!

Reinstall with Flashing

Another way that can be done to reinstall Android is by flashing. What is meant by flashing? So, flashing is an action taken to replace the old system to the new system. This action can be said as a last resort in overcoming system damage on Android devices.

Whatever the error problem is as long as it’s not physical damage, flashing will be effective, because this action will actually replace the old system with a new system that is in better condition. How to flash android? This action is a bit similar to the custom ROM way. The actions taken will vary, according to the brand and type of cellphone you have.

To flash android, you need new operating system files. Where can this file be found? Try visiting trusted sites by entering the search keyword “how to flash android (enter type HP)”, usually there are many developers who provide operating system files that can be downloaded and used under certain conditions.

Which is the most effective way to solve errors on Android from the two methods above? Depends. See first, how severe the problem you are experiencing. Try reinstalling Android by resetting the cellphone first, if it doesn’t show any changes, you can try the next action, which is flashing.

Those are two ways to re-install Android, very easy and simple, right? Good luck!

how to reinstall android

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