How to Return Purchased Items at Shopee, both COD and Others

Hello friends, last night watching videos of mothers taking care of their couriers, it felt really bad. In my mind, there should be no need for such an incident, especially if the mother is accompanied by her child, who should understand the problem of online shopping better.

What I regret is the go**ok words repeated over and over again by the yellow shirt mother to the courier. By watching the video, I myself remember being said to be an idiot by a teacher in high school and from that time until I graduated I never wanted to listen to anything that came out of his mouth and even talked until I didn’t want to.

That’s the danger of the word gobl*k if someone says it to someone else, especially in the video the word is repeated over and over again. Forgive those who are patient, sir, don’t give up looking for fortune. Hopefully no one else will easily say that.

Well, for that I want to share how to return goods that have been purchased at shopee either using payment via cod or something else.

How to Reject COD Package

  • First, don’t open the package before you pay the courier
  • If you don’t open the package, the courier will have no trouble and you won’t lose if you want to cancel the COD package. (don’t select message received)
  • Make an unboxing video (recording the opening of the package from start to finish) as evidence to complain if something doesn’t fit.
  • If the package does not match the way of rejection is to submit a return menu. can be found in the order details
  • In the return request form, fill in all that is needed, including the unboxing video that you have made and other photos to strengthen the evidence of the complaint.
  • You don’t need to worry, because if your evidence is 100% strong, the complaint will be accepted.

Now, by using the submit a return feature, the method of rejecting the COD package will be more elegant without fuss and so on.

In my opinion, the incident regarding COD so far is only that buyers do not really understand the modern COD system and still adhere to the conventional COD system where their minds can see what goods are suitable for payment.

So far, I hope that all of my friends who don’t have a code don’t get confused or go viral because of buying using COD.

This COD system is very helpful because sometimes we are lazy to go to the atm to top up. or we are on a budget limit and will have a budget when the package arrives, right, we can just pay it without having to pay first, right, friend.

What is certain is to cultivate a culture of being a responsible consumer, if you buy COD, you must also be responsible for paying for it, if it doesn’t match your order, make a complaint according to the way you don’t have the code above, friend.

Then what if you don’t feel like buying but there is a cod package coming?

Don’t worry, friend, as long as you don’t open the package, you can reject it directly. So the most important thing is not to get into an argument, take it easy, friend.

Thus, some of the info that I can convey to my friend, hopefully it will be useful and help my friend Gapunyakode in shopping.

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