How to save or take a Screenshot Image on the Smartphone screen

The first time I used an Android smartphone, namely the Samsung Galaxy Gio, I still remember the first time I held the smartphone, I was still clueless, you know I’m new and it’s really my first time using an Android phone.

I don’t even think about how to take a picture of a smartphone screen, because in the past it was enough to be able to use fuel, I’m happy, friend. In its day, it became a trend, BBM was a phenomenal chat application

Documenting a moment is necessary for us, if the moment we consider important. Like when we are having a conversation through a chat application and during a conversation there are sentences or words that are important.

So that we want to document the conversation, we need to capture or take screenshots on our smartphone screens.

Although now there are many applications that store conversation data, if you take a picture of the smartphone screen, of course, we don’t need to bother looking for conversation data that has been piled up – the next pile of conversations.

Here’s how to save or take a screenshot on the smartphone screen:

  1. We can use the volume button – (minus) coupled with pressing the power on / off button on your smartphone. This method is most likely to work on every smartphone. I’ve used android which is still kitkat and using this method it still works.
  2. If the method above doesn’t work, friends, you can use the on/off button together with pressing the main button on your smartphone. On the iPhone, this method can also be used to take screenshots of the cellphone screen
  3. Pressing the power on / off button so that a menu of options appears, one of which is the screenshot menu option. I’ve used a cellphone with a feature like this, I forgot what brand it was, bro hehe
  4. Friends, you can also scroll the screen from top to bottom so that there are several shortcut menus, in that menu there is a screen capture function menu as well, this feature I got when using the lollipop version of Android.
  5. If the methods above have not worked, friends can take or download the screenshot application on the playstore. This method is probably the last step if you still haven’t managed to find a way to capture the smartphone screen.

That’s my review of how to save or take screenshots on a smartphone screen. Hopefully it can help friends, if there is something that is lacking, maybe you can write it in the comments column below. Thank you

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