How to Secure Crypto Coin or Token Assets

Hello friends, don’t have a code, crypto is always surprising, sometimes it goes up, sometimes it goes down. People who don’t contra will say thank you minus haha, what’s wrong with entering crypto. People who are pro must be silent because they are stuck haha.

However, the pros and cons are natural, the most important thing is not to forget if we are still citizens who have to help our country to develop towards a developed country. Therefore, do not underestimate a technological development, because in the past the internet also had pros and cons.

Let’s go straight, friend, let’s go to the main discussion, namely how to be safe when you have coins or crypto tokens in a personal wallet. Because there are now many personal wallets popping up, so I take the example of the truswallet application, friend.

First, make sure you download the truswallet application from the appstore or playstore. Why ? Because if we download from other places the application has been modified, although we have not encountered a similar case but being careful is the key.

Seconddon’t carelessly claim or connect your wallet to certain sites/platforms that you don’t/you don’t believe are safe.

Third, always keep your personal phrase wallet code secret. We recommend that you store the code in a safe place like a friend, you can print it on paper, then you can laminate it and then save it like other valuable documents. Don’t let it spread or even share it with other people because it’s very risky.

Those are 3 safe ways in my opinion to secure personal assets and until now they are still safe. If you want to be even more secure, you can create a second wallet that can be used for other things, of course the main wallet is used only for personal transactions without any activities outside of that.

How to Find out Personal Wallet Phrase Code

  • Open the settings menu
  • Choose wallets
  • Select a line of points like the image above

  • Then select show recovery phrase
  • Then it can be copied and saved


Never share the code.

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