How to Send Shopee Coins To Friends Easily

How to Send Shopee Coins – Surely you know the shopee application? Yes, that’s right, the shopee application is a marketplace that is famous for its monthly event, what event is that? The event is free shipping min. Rp. 0 friends, and the shopee coin cashback isn’t worth it.

What are Shopee Coins?

In addition to shopee pay, there are also shopee coins, now shopee coins are a currency that is equivalent to Rupiah, you could say 1 shopee account = 1 Rupiah. The easiest way to get shopee coins is from a cashback voucher.

Its function is to cut the amount of groceries, friend, which was 10,000 if it was cut with shopee coins, we will only be charged 7500 payments. These shopee coins can be used for transactions in the shopee application.

Can Shopee Coins Be Delivered?

The answer is that shopee coins can be sent, because as I recall there were several events held by shopee, there was a program to send shopee coins. Like this Ramadhan event, shopee users can send shopee coins through the THR send program.

As I recall, there used to be sending red packets, the process was also sent by sending thr. So, will this program continue in the future, or will it only be available at every event? This is only the shopee who knows, friend.

2 Ways to Send Shopee Coins

First step

  • If your shopee apk is still an old version, please upgrade it first, okay?
  • Then go to the message and select the plus icon (+) as below

  • Later a new menu will appear and many choices, but my friend just select the coin menu.
  • After selecting a coin, you will be taken to a new screen to make a coin transfer.

  • Select the number of coins to be sent to your friends.
  • Then select the send button

If a friend has not received the coin that you sent, then you ask if the coin has been claimed or not, because the recipient must make a claim and can check it in the message.

Another way

  • Open the Shopee application buddy.
  • Then, look for the “Shopee Games” menu.
  • Scroll down until you find “Shopee THR”
  • Then make Send THR buddy.
  • Choose the nominal coin to be distributed and choose how many people can claim your THR.
  • After that, just select the create button and the THR is ready to be sent to the recipient you want, of course.

How are you, have you tried it yet? While there’s still a delivery program, if I have my shopee coins, it’s all gone, bro.

If you want to fill up shopeepay, or disburse non-premium account balances such as funds, shopeepay, gopay, ovo, you can go through the “Shopeepay” menu navigation, friend. Of course, your satisfaction is our priority, Sekia. Thank you

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