How to Set APN (Access Point Names) on HP

Creating a new apn is our first step to being able to enjoy a provider’s internet service, for new and official cellphones entering Indonesia, we usually don’t need to do this.

But not all cellphones can directly display the apn of the internet starter pack that we use, for example like the fujitsu f01f arrow nx smartphone, we need to set up our own apn to be able to connect to internet services.

The APN that appears by default without us setting it manually is the default apn, but if you are not satisfied with the internet speed and want to change the APN with the reason to speed up internet speed, it is not wrong if you create a new apn with different settings.

Adding or Editing access point names which we usually call APN is not too difficult. In this post I will share a simple tutorial that you can do to add/change an apn. Here are the steps:

How to Set APN Access Point Names

  1. Go to the settings menu (settings)
  2. Search for mobile networks
  3. Tap on the name of the provider card used for internet
  4. Then select Access Point Names
  5. Then select add new apn
  6. Friends, just enter new settings
  7. When you’re done, don’t forget to save
  8. Done

The steps above I use a xiaomi cellphone, while for other brand cellphones such as advan, smartfren, samsung, asus, lenovo, oppo, and others the method is not much different.

If you have difficulty filling in data for a new apn, you can visit the all operator apn collection post below

If you are a gamer, you can also test some of the apn in the article because I made the article from my own experience due to playing online games experiencing very severe pings, poor networks, and even causing delayed displays.

So simple tutorials that I can share and don’t forget I always hope the articles I make will be useful for readers. However, if there are suggestions and criticisms, I am very happy if you write a comment below. Thank you

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