How to Set Xiaomi Smartphones to Overcome Wasteful Batteries to Last Long

Xiaomi Phone Settings To Overcome Wasteful Batteries to Last Long – A few days ago I was a bit surprised by my own smartphone because after I woke up the battery experienced a large reduction, almost 25% of the power was reduced even though in standby there was no activity.

I experienced this situation after updating the miui system to 9.6.2 late update on my cellphone, oh my friend, I’m using a xiaomi redmi note 4 snapdragon. After I checked the battery consumption details, it turns out that the one that uses the most power is the Android system which can sometimes reach 30%.

Because I can’t stand it because usually full time playing online games can take 4-5 hours, now it only takes about 2.5 hours, there’s been a warning telling me to charge

Finally, I did a factory reset in the hope that it would return to normal, although it was a bit heavy because we had to backup all the data and re-download the games. I’m sure my friend also knows that it’s like an online moba game whose size is usually more than 1GB.

After the factory reset was completed, unfortunately I found that the changes were not too much, you could say I didn’t feel it, I finally decided to reset the application system as follows:

Xiaomi Phone Settings Overcome Wasteful Battery

  1. Change the color setting to default
  2. Turn off GPS/change to device only
  3. Don’t use auto brightness
  4. Clear cache in security app
  5. Change the condition of find device to turn off
  6. Turn pocket dial to turn off
  7. Change auto backup to turn off
  8. Change always available wifi to turn off
  9. Change the condition of some applications to be off on auto start
  10. Turn on Battery saver
  11. Change the state when receiving notifications the screen stays off
  12. Turn off the apps that work behind the scenes on the battery menu

After making these settings there is a change in battery consumption during standby which does not consume too much power while we sleep. In addition to making settings, you can also do the following steps:

  1. Charge your cell phone from the 10% battery condition in a dead state to full
  2. Use the original charger of course
  3. Choose a sim whose signal is stable in your area because otherwise the system will try harder to find a signal so that it will consume excessive battery power
  4. Using one sim card will save more battery consumption
  5. Reduce playing games when the cellphone is in a charged condition
  6. Downgrading the miui version to the initial version where the battery consumption is more stable
  7. If it’s bad, replace the old battery with a new one

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The unnaturally reduced battery consumption during standby does make us wonder why it can be reduced so much when I don’t use it.

Of course, there are some applications that may still be active during standby so that the system will continue to consume power, so we need to re-check which applications we don’t need and immediately delete or disable the app.

In addition, our treatment of cellphones also has a big influence, such as using an Android smartphone when the condition is charged, of course over time it will have a bad impact on the battery, so reducing activities when it is charged will help keep the battery in good performance.

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