How to solve the mobile legends android application, the error comes out by itself, force close

A few moments ago I had a friend who accidentally stopped by my house. My friend is a game maniac, maybe while he was in college he was more on the net than in class, that’s everyone’s right and privacy, so I usually just ask him where did he get his thesis? ha ha

It’s a very annoying question, and almost every time I see it I’m sure to ask it. luckily, he never got angry, in the end he even invited us to play PES, haha. hahaha

Mobile or Smartphone friends, does your Android application sometimes experience a self-exit event or force close?

The exact incident is when friends use an application and suddenly they are at home, usually followed by information such as a popup, the contents are usually force close or the application stops.

In this review, I take an example of an android game application that is on the rise, namely welcome to mobile legends: bang – bang, which young man, friend, doesn’t know this game. hehehe

When friends play this mobile legends game and are still having fun pressing analog and shaking their thumbs, they suddenly experience a force close. arRrggRRhhhhhh is that so, friend?

Moreover, if you are playing ranked, you can get a reduction in score points such as reputation points, if the points are reduced too many friends will have limited features such as not being able to play ranked anymore.

We play this mobile game in a landscape position and of course hold the ends of the smartphone, this must be careful, friend, the problem is I often experience this legends android application coming out on its own.

Yes, it’s true because it’s so fun to play without realizing that the hand touches the home button, so it automatically comes out hehe. Here are some ways to overcome the problem of self-exit or force close

First clear the Cache and Data of the mobile legends android application

Not bad, yes, the size of this android application, go to settings and go to apps – app info, select the application that is experiencing the problem. Because sometimes the existing data crashes, friends, you can test first to delete the cache if you are still experiencing force close, you can try to delete application data.

Before deleting data, prepare a data quota because after deleting data, when we enter the game it will automatically re-download the data.

Second, uninstall the mobile legends android application

manage android application mobile legends

After uninstalling the application, friends can go to the Playstore application to re-download the application.

Third, remove some unnecessary applications

According to my friend’s experience when we have a smartphone with medium specs 1gb ram 4-8gb memory must provide a fairly large memory space specifically for this application.

If we force it with a mediocre memory, the game will be heavy and the signal is unstable. This is not entirely true because it is a story or assumption from my friend.

Fourth, do a factory reset smartphone

factory reset settings

Before doing a factory reset, backup all the data in your internal memory. because if we don’t back up the data that is in the internal memory it will also be deleted.

After doing a factory reset, the smartphone system will return to the way it was when buying a new one, then friends can download the required applications including the mobile legends game.

The five smartphone upgrades to higher specifications

If you are still experiencing force close, the last way we can do is upgrade the smartphone. Of course it has for game lovers a minimum specification of at least 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of memory or higher.

Such are the reviews on how to solve the mobile legends android application, the error comes out by itself force close. Hope it can help friends . Thank you

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