How to solve a sick Tokopedia Account Cannot Use a Credit Code

The green one who slowly but surely won the hearts of +62 residents, yes, it’s true that Tokopedia visitors are starting to increase, as proof that I used to go after discounts, I could buy a lot of stuff, but lately I’ve been lucky enough to get one or two.

The tokped WIB event is usually on the 25th-end of the month and on certain days there are also events. Not only discount events for clothes, smartphones, food, even bills and some digital products, there are also discount promos or cashback.

But yes, my friend, his name is cuan, he will be quickly surrounded by people, how come? Yes, every regular event, Tokopedia provides a new credit code every WIB, it can be in the form of a discount of 10 thousand to 15 thousand, in the past it could take a long time for the code to last for 1-2 hours at most it has run out.

This is a proof that user enthusiasm is indeed increasing, but in this case there is fraud such as one person being able to create multiple accounts to get the discount. Therefore, there are several accounts of other people who are said to be sick like the case in the picture above.

A sick tokped account is an account that cannot use discount promos or Tokopedia cashback promos. For example, when you want to buy credit using a promo code, you will always be mental or always fail.

How to Overcome a Sick Tokopedia Account?

Make sure to always use the pulse code promo for the main number in your tokped account. Because it is usual to fill in with a different number, especially if the number is registered as a tokped account, it will have a high probability of being suspected and will fail.

Furthermore, if you have always failed to buy credit, you can scroll the history of the last purchase that was successful using the discount promo, please fill in the number, it will usually work (success for me)

The steps above are specifically for the main account, friend, not a clone account, because if a clone can be detected, the cellphone unit will be difficult to return to normal. Oh yeah, buddy, keep playing safe, bro, because it’s a shame if the main account becomes a sick account.

Maybe that’s some sharing of personal experiences from me, hopefully it can help my friend who is having trouble with a diseased account.

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