How to Transfer Balance Between Shopeepay to Shopeepay for Free

Finally, friends, the new shopeepay feature is also here. When using the shopee application, there is a bit of a problem because there is a digital wallet that almost all users use, but there is no transfer feature between wallets.

I think ahh maybe soon there will also be. Ehh there really is, I’m sure this feature will really help users to shop. So this time I want to share my experience using ShopeePay, especially the transfer feature.

What is the Shopeepay Transfer Feature?

Is a feature that makes it easier for shopeepay users to transfer balances to other users without intermediaries. My trial 1000 can and super without additional cost so it really helps me as a user.

So how do you transfer it? Let’s discuss step by step below, friend.

  • Enter the shopee app
  • Open shopeepay balance
  • Select the “transfer” menu
  • Shopeepay transfers can use phone numbers and friends on shopee accounts
  • Choose one if you want to transfer shopeepay balances
  • Then write down the phone number
  • Determine the amount of shopeepay balance you want to transfer
  • Write a description (it’s free, it’s okay if you want it or not)
  • After that confirm
  • Make sure the Recipient of the balance is correct because the balance that has been sent cannot be withdrawn.

After I tried it, wow, it’s really very helpful. Buddy gapunyakode have you tried it yet? If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s free.

That’s the information about the Shopee application with its newest features, I hope this article helps you all, thank you.

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