How to Unlock Bootloader Xiaomi UBL Latest Version Very Easy

UBL is better known for xiaomi lovers who want to change rom or flash without a PC, unlocking the boatloader is the first step that must be done when you want to upgrade and downgrade the miui rom version safely.

Indeed, if we are going to update miui we only need to use the system updater on the default rom that we use, but if we want to downgrade we need twrp which has the condition that our smartphone is xiaomi we have to UBL or unlock the boatloader.

Ask: Is it difficult to unlock the boatloader?
Answer : No

Ask: Will it bootloop later if we ubl our smart phone?
Answer : No

Ask: Do we have to receive sms to do UBL or unlock the boatloader?
Answer : No, my personal experience did not receive any SMS and the result was that it was immediately unlocked

Ask: Is our phone safe when unlocked?
Answer : Indeed, after we did the ubl there was an explanation that the ubl xiaomi cellphone would be more susceptible to malware, but I think you just need to be more careful in customizing your xiaomi phone

Ask: Can we relock later?
Answer : Yes

How to Unlock Xiaomi Boatloader Easily

  1. The first step, enter settings then select about phone
  2. Tap on MIUI Version 7 times to enter Developer Options
  3. Go back to settings then scroll select Additional Settings then tap on Developer Options
  4. Enable OEM Unlocking
  5. Then Tap on Mi Unlock Status
  6. Then add account

At this stage the process is still ongoing, personally during this process I activated USB Debugging so you can experiment whether you want to activate it or not. Next is the unlock process.

  • Visit this address:
  • More or less like the picture above, then my friend can directly click unlock now
  • My personal experience, We need to log in using the mi account that you use on your xiaomi phone that will be UBL
  • Next, if you haven’t set it up we need to write down the username for the forum, after that it’s done re-entering link no 1 then tap unlock now then the image display will appear as below
download mi unlock
  • Download mi unlock
  • Then extract the mi unlock file, then open the extract
  • Run miflash_unlocked.exe
  • Log in using your friend’s mi account
login mi unlock
  • After logging in, then turn off your cellphone, make sure it’s really dead
  • Then press and hold volume down + power to enter fastboot mode
  • After successfully entering fastboot mode, the next step is to plug your phone into your PC/laptop
  • Next select unlock (wait for it to finish)
unlock the boatloader successfully
  • When it’s finished it will look like the one above, then select reboot phone
  • On the display when booting there will be an additional unlock writing at the bottom
  • Buddy can check the status of unlocking the boatloader again in the developer options, if successful, there will be an open lock display

Unlocking the bootloader is a step to be able to install twrp + root and others, I personally did this because I wanted to downgrade.

Like the current type of xiaomi phone or the latest type, many require xiaomi phones to unlock mi, such as the redmi note 4/4x mido type, redmi note 5, redmi 5, redmi 5 plus, redmi 5a and many types of the latest versions of mobile phones.

There are many reasons for unlocking the boatloader, such as feeling unsatisfied with the latest rom update, wasteful battery, wanting to downgrade, wanting to upgrade, wanting to try a custom rom, wanting to repair and many more reasons, of course only my friend knows the reason why unlocking the boatloader .


Doing UBL or unlocking the boatloader is not as difficult as we think, right, if you want you don’t need to hesitate because we just have to try and try, but if you’re still not sure you can use the services of other experienced people who are certainly near their respective areas. That’s a little information about the experience of doing a boatloader, hopefully it can help my friend, I don’t have all the codes, thank you

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