Must Know For Beginner Bloggers, How To Submit URL To The Latest Webmaster Tool To Get Articles Indexed On Google

Adding Article Links to the Webmaster Console – Septemberbe for beginner bloggers what you must do when you first create a blog besides choosing a niche, choosing a template and verifying your blog, there are things that are no less important, namely submitting articles to the Webmaster tool.

Our goal in submitting a url to the webmaster tool is to make our articles crawl and index by Google so that they can be recognized and found on the Google search engine. so we must do this if we want our articles to be indexed quickly on google.

Keywords in the content do have a big influence on the index and in achieving page one, but submitting this article is also important to do. most of us (beginner bloggers in particular) just write on the blog and then publish it without submitting the url to the webmaster tool. indeed, even though our content is not submitted, it will still be indexed on google, but it will take quite a long time. unless the keywords you write are being talked about and only you write about the article.

So if you want to be quickly recognized and indexed, immediately verify our blog and Submit a Sitemap and submit your article url to the webmaster tool. This time I will not give a tutorial on how to submit a sitemap or how to verify a blog, but rather how to submit our url to the webmaster tool.

Let’s just start by following the steps I gave below:

  1. Open your Blogger and make a post according to your blog niche and when it’s finished then you publish it.
  2. After you Publish, we will copy the link of the article. Pay attention to the limit of the copied link as shown in the image below

  3. This is how the new version of the webmaster tool looks, we will use the old version. how to see in this picture
  4. if it is we will do Fetch As Google by entering the link that was copied earlier. look at the picture below

  5. If we have passed the existing captcha first and select Crawl Url and after that we send it to submit

  6. After that is done and we wait until our articles are indexed. If your blog is quite well known by Google, then our articles will be indexed quickly on Google even though it is not page one. to become page one there are many things that must be considered such as keywords, seo and many other things.

There is one more thing I forgot to mention, take advantage of the URL Inspection feature in the latest Google Search Console to request an indexer quickly. you can see the results of the live test whether it can be indexed or not. all you have to do is copy your article link and paste it in the Inspection URL textbox, then enter. wait until the process is complete. if the url is not on google then you can ask for indexing.

So that’s how to submit a URL to the latest webmaster tool so that articles are indexed on Google. So much information that I can convey this time, hopefully the article I wrote can be understood and easy to understand and useful for all of us. Thank you for visiting.

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