PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 Gets New Map Update

PUBG Mobile Beta Gets Update to Version 1.3, What’s New?

PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3

PUBG Mobile Beta Info

– PUBG Mobile beta has finally released its latest version, PUBG Mobile Version 1.3 by adding some new changes.

This pubg mobile beta update brings a new map, the karakin map. The new Karakin map on pubg mobile is said to be the 6th map after livik based on information from dotesport published today.

The karakin map in pubg mobile is 2×2 km in size and can accommodate 64 players in each match.

The appearance of this Karakakin map at a glance is similar to Miramar, in this map it looks a bit of trees and has some countryside.

What’s New in PUBG Mobile beta 1.3?

Here is some information I received about this pubg mobile version 1.3 update:

1. Demolition Zone a new mechanism where there is a black zone that is capable of destroying buildings in the area, more dangerous than the redzone guys.. for those who like to stay indoors it won’t work, because this mode is designed to make us even more aggressive in playing.

2. Thin wall bullet penetration is a new mechanism where we can shoot enemies who are on thin walls or thin walls or broken walls.

3. Sticky Bomb this is a bomb that can be attached to a wall or in a certain area, which is used to destroy the object it is attached to.

4. Panzerfaust is a missile weapon that fires a missile that can only be fired once.

New Arena Map with Code Name C

6. Glider Motorcycle is a new vehicle, a kind of combination of motorcycle and airplane.

For those of you who want to try to download this pubg mobile beta version 1.3, you can find the link on google.

so much information this time, hopefully the latest pubg mobile beta 1.3 update can be applied to the global version of pubg mobile so that the game is more exciting.

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