The 6 Best Loot Places on the Livik PUBG Mobile Map

Livik is a new map that was present in the 0.19.0 major patch update in October 2022. In this map there is some exclusive content that is only present here, namely P90 and MK12 weapons, as well as Monster Truck vehicles. The Livik map is almost like any other map, there must be the best loot places and it’s always crowded with PUBG Mobile players.

The Livik map itself is only 2×2 in size and accommodates 52 players to play on this map. Uniquely, Livik presents a combination of 4 seasons from the previous map, namely Erangel, Vikendi, Miramar, and Sanhok with their respective seasons.

Well, this map itself, although it is quite small compared to other maps, but also offers an effective playing time. Talking about Livik, you definitely want to know which is the best place to loot on the map, so just take a look at the following article.

1. Power Plant

Power Plant Location on the Livik PUBG Mobile Map

The destination for good loot is the Power Plant, because this location is quite strategic and full of loot. Here you can find lots of good loot for level three, such as armor, helmets, and bags, don’t miss weapons, medics, and boosters. In addition, near the Power Plant location there are vehicles that can escape if an enemy comes while you are looting.

Tips for successfully looting in this place is that you have to be alert and move quickly when looting so you can overtake your opponent or even kill him first. If there is an opponent who lands first, hide immediately and look for loot in the surrounding area.

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2. Midstein

Midstein on the Livik map

If you are a PUBG player who likes cities or crowded places, then you are suitable to jump into Midstein. There are lots of good and complete loot because there are indeed various buildings, even here it is also a place for MK12 weapons in Livik as well as various AR, SMG, Sniper, and Shotgun weapons. This place is also strategically located in the middle of the Livik map so it is likely that there will be many players who jump here.

Tips for those of you who want to loot in Midstein is to jump right in and then start looting. Explore the buildings there so you can get good loot. Stay alert because this place is usually crowded with players because Midstein is very strategically located and loot in it.

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3. Aqueduct

Aqueduct Livik

The Aqueduct is a pretty good loot place hidden in the Livik map underground. This place is actually good for looting at the beginning of the game because there are various weapons, attachments, drugs, boosters, just quite complete. Even in Aqueduct you can also get secret chests that appear randomly, in these chests there are good loot and upgraded weapons.

Although this place is hidden, in fact Aqueduct is often visited by many players. So, be careful and be prepared if you decide to jump in this place. Near the Aqueduct there is a Power Plant which is also the best place to loot.

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4. Iceborg

Iceborg Livik

The next good and abundant loot place is in Iceborg, this place is at the end of the Livik map. Because of its remote location and end, Iceborg is rarely a place for PUBG Mobile players to jump. Even though it’s rare, it turns out that this place has a lot of good loot that you can find in various buildings, especially in a large church in the middle of Iceborg.

This location is less strategic for most players, but behind it saves a myriad of luxurious loot. If you decide to jump in this place, you should immediately loot the buildings there, don’t forget a single building. Stay alert too because there might be players who jump into Iceborg, leave immediately because this location is rarely exposed to zones.

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5. Holdhus

where to loot on Map Livik Holdhus

Holdhus is a loot place that is also at the end of the Livik map, storing lots of good loot and rare weapons. This place has several buildings that are dominated by warehouses and several other buildings. There are various loot ranging from weapons, attachments, boosters, drugs, and others you can find here.

The location of Holdhus is actually a bit less strategic but there are also those who jump here. Holdhus is perfect for those of you who want to find lots of good loot at the beginning of the game. However, you have to be careful because there might be some players jumping into that place.

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6. Hot Springs

Hot Springs best loot place

Hot springs are also one of the best places to loot, they are also a bit far and open. You can find a variety of loot for weapons, helmets, armor, attachments, drugs, boosters, etc., all complete. Hot Springs itself is a place in the form of a hot spring bath and is open, there are several buildings but in an open condition as well.

Tips for those of you who want to jump into Hot Springs is to jump in as soon as possible and then immediately loot, prioritize looking for weapons first. The area there is open so you and your enemies will be exposed, stay alert and alert with your weapons. If you have loot, immediately leave the place and find a hiding place because there may be enemies who see it, considering that the place is open.

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Alright, that was the discussion about the 6 Best Loot Places on the Livik PUBG Mobile Map. So, which one do you think is the best out of these places?, or is there something even better?, please feel free to comment.

Hopefully this information is useful for all of us, especially for you PUBG Mobile gamers who like to play on Map Livik. Don’t forget to keep stopping by this simple blog site, so you don’t miss the latest information about games and technology, you can also subscribe to our newsletter. See you soon, have a nice day, greetings Indonesian gamers.

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