The original FF Cepcil Ahay ID turns out to be this one

Original FF Cepcil Ahay ID – Garena Free Fire, is a mobile phone game that is quite popular and is in great demand among various groups. In 2023, the Free Fire game became one of the games that went viral enough to be downloaded by many people.

In fact, until 2023 this game is still in demand and has not been abandoned by many. This is proven by the increasing number of downloads of the Free Fire game on the Play Store.

This game made by Garena is a game that can be played solo, duo or even as a squad. In slang, people call him Mabar or playing together.

As the name suggests, mabar is an activity of playing together with a large number of players. Mabar in the Free Fire game must go through an invite process first. To carry out the invite process, you need an ID for each other.

Talking about ID, in the Free Fire game, each player certainly has their own ID. Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about the IDs of famous pro players, one of whom is Cepcil, a famous gamer and YouTuber. It is not without reason why the IDs of the pro players are sought.

The reason is, if you are lucky to get their ID, you will have the opportunity to play with that pro player. Not bad, right? Therefore, below we will describe Cepcil’s original FF ID along with complete biodata.

About Cepcil FF ID

Talking about the Cepcil FF ID, of course you have to know first what the FF ID itself means. Free Fire has many names, one of which is ID or what can be called player identity. Just like an identity card, this ID also acts like an identity card that is valid in a game, one of which is Free Fire.

As explained, every FF player has this ID as their profile identity on Free Fire. Likewise, Cepcil also has an FF ID which is his identity as a Free Fire player. Cepcil FF ID means the ID that is the identity of a Cepcil as a Free Fire player.

Cepcil Ahay’s bio

Cepcil, is a Free Fire pro player as well as a YouTuber who has become famous because of the interesting content he presents. The YouTube name he uses is Cepcill. Thanks to its entertaining and very interesting content, Cepcil has managed to get 6.21 million subscribers to date.

There is one content that makes Cepcil’s name even more famous, namely the content of alliances with its enemies. From the alliance content he presents, Cepcil is often nicknamed the King of the Alliance by his followers.

Thanks to his skills in playing games, Cepcil has also become a pro player who has many fans. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of his fans are looking for information about his FF ID.

Original FF Cepcil Ahay ID

id ff cepcil ahay original

The original FF Cepcil ID is as follows, 13068094.

Characteristics of the Original Cepcil Ahay FF ​​ID

After knowing Cepcil’s original FF ID, you also need to know the characteristics of Cepcil’s original profile ID. Because thanks to his skills as a Free Fire pro player, quite a few people claim to be him in the Free Fire game.

Following are the characteristics of the cecpil ff account in more detail:

  1. Has more than 12,000 likes.
  2. The name of Cepcil’s ff is CepciLL.
  3. His account level reached more than level 75.
  4. The current status of the emblem is heroic.
  5. Using Indonesia’s country status.

That’s a glimpse of information about the original FF Cepcil ID. Hopefully the information above can help those of you who are confused about finding out about the FF ID of the real pro player and YouTuber Cepcil.

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