Original FF Rendy Rangers ID, this is his account

ID FF Rendy Ranger – The Free Fire game has become an online game that is very popular with gamers, especially teenagers and children. This game created by Garena can indeed reach all groups, you don’t need to use a high-spec smartphone to play this game.

The free fire game is really fun to play because it can be played independently or in groups with other players. Free Fire users can hang out (play together) if the player is already friends with other FF players.

Therefore, you have to make friends with each other as much as possible so that you can continue to enjoy each other. In the game, we can make friends with each other by searching for and adding the ff ID or player name in the add friend feature.

We can also ask for friendship from pro players or famous YouTubers like Rendy Rangers. You must already know this FF player, because Rendy R has been playing FF for a very long time and has been a content creator on YouTube.

It is not uncommon for many other ff gamers to want to know what Rendy Rangers’ real ff ID number is. So, don’t worry, because here I will tell you the ID number.

Let’s discuss more about ff ID and get to know a little about who Rendy Rangers is, see the review below.

About ID FF Rendy Rangers

In the Fire Fire game, there is a feature known as ID. This FF ID, which is in a raised format, functions as a player identification card.

Not only that, the FF ID also functions for the diamond top up transaction process. What is defined as Rendy Rangers FF ID is Rendy Ranger’s FF account identification number.

The FF ID of YouTuber Rendy Rangers is sought after a lot, especially on search engines, the aim is none other than to add friendships in the free fire game.

However, it is not easy to add his FF account ID, because there are lots of other players competing to make friends with Rendy Rangers. And if you’re lucky, maybe you can add it back, so you have the chance to hang out with him.

Get to know Randy Rangers

Rendy Rangers is a free fire game content creator on YouTube, the name of the channel is taken from his real name. The real name of Rendy rangers is Cahyo Rendy Wicaksono.

His YouTube channel was created in 2023, it took years to reach the success you know today. Now the number of followers has reached more than 8.5 million subscribers, an achievement that is commensurate with his struggle so far.

ID Rendy R is also known as the bug king, he got this because Rendy often found strange bugs in the Free Fire game. He often finds and informs his loyal viewers about bugs.

Rendy’s Short Profile

  • Full Name: Cahyo Rendy Wicaksono
  • Stage Name: Rendy Rangers
  • Place, Date of Birth: Lampung, October 16 1994
  • Indonesian citizenship
  • Instagram : @rendyrangers
  • Facebook: Randy Rangers Official

ID FF Rendy Rangers

original ff id rendy rangers

Rendy Rangers’ correct FF ID is 10657119, with a nickname called RTM.Albedo. Rendy Rangers also acts as leader of the RANGERSTEAM guild.

Characteristics of the Original Rendy Rangers Free Fire ID

So that you don’t make a mistake when looking for Rendy Rangers’ FF ID, you need to know the characteristics of his original FF account. The following are the characteristics of the original Rendy Rangers free fire account:

  1. The nickname used is RTM.Albedo·
  2. The number of game likes is around 10,900
  3. The character used is male
  4. Bringing a pet Beaston (baboon monkey)
  5. The free fire account level has reached Lv70
  6. The rank level this season has not yet reached heroic
  7. Battle style obtained by wrestlers and dominators
  8. Indonesia ff game country status

The final word

That’s a glimpse of the information regarding Rendy Rangers’ original ff ID as well as the biodata and story of Cahyo Rendy Wicaksono that I can convey.

Hopefully this information can be useful for those of you who admire Rendy Rangers, and don’t forget to try adding friendships to RMT.Albedo, who knows, you might be lucky enough to make friends in the ff game.

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