Top 5 ADC Champions in Wild Rift

In the game Wild Rift there are several different roles and have specific tasks. Well, one of these roles is ADC or Attack Damage Carry. There are some of the best ADC champions in Wild Rift, and they can be very useful when used in the game.

ADC’s own task is as a carry or also to attack and inflict great damage to the enemy. ADC must be strong because it’s job is to carry teammates, and even then it depends on how to play and build items.

Alright, on this occasion let’s discuss some of the best ADC champions in Wild Rift. So that you or those who are still confused about the Wild Rift game can find out more about the champions role ADC. Just take a look at the following discussion, make sure to read to the end.

1. Vayne

Best Vayne ADC in Wild Rift

Vayne is a strong and agile ADC hero in the game, thanks to his skills. This ADC is among the best if the user is also correct in using it. Some of its advantages are in terms of speed and agility, Vayne can disappear for a moment using his skills.

Not infrequently if you meet these champs it must be very difficult to catch or kill you. That’s because Vayne is agile and fast, unlike other marksmen who are slow. However, you need to pay attention if you want to use Vayne that you must be agile and correct in attacking and using skills.

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2. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

Next up for the best ADC in the Wild Rift is Miss Fortune. This ADC has strong and painful damage against 1v1 enemies or teamfights with the opposing team. Miss Fortune’s skill is also quite lethal and can reach area attacks, so enemies that gather are likely to be hit too.

Miss Fortune is very reliable in team fights, because she has skill 4 that shoots consecutive shots in one area. This skill is certainly perfect for teamfights and raining down on enemies.

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3. Ezreal


Ezreal is the next best ADC champion, because he is deadly especially in terms of skill. If you are an agile person and able to cast skills correctly, then Ezreal is very suitable for types like you.

Ezreal is often used by Wild Rift players, this is proof that the champion is good. Ezreal’s 4th skill is able to issue a powerful attack wave with a long straight range. Ezreal certainly becomes an overpower if the one who uses it correctly and controls the champion.

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4. Jhin


Jhin is the next best ADC in Wild Rift, he is a critical marksman. This ADC only has 4 bullets but the damage it produces is also large and triggers a critical hit. That’s why even though it’s slow and has few shots, the damage is incredible, especially the 4th shot.

Jhin’s skills are also many useful and deadly, one of his skills can issue a lotus that can explode and have the same effect as Ward. However, the 4th skill is the deadliest and has a long range, Jhin will shoot using a sniper if hit by a target, causing massive and critical damage.

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5. Jinx


The last but not the worst ADC is Jinx, champions with quirky looks and you must have seen them in Wild Rift commercials. You can’t underestimate Jinx himself because he is actually deadly with his skill set. He was an expert in trap or trap skills, and had a long attack range.

For a beginner usually use this champion because it is easy but also good. Jinx can issue continuous attacks because of his damage buff, his passive skill also allows him to get additional damage and movement speed.

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Yes, that was the article that discussed some of the best ADC champions in the Gamenization version of Wild Rift. Do you also want to recommend other ADC? If so, please comment in the comments column.

Hopefully this article was useful and added insight, especially for League of Legends Wild Rift players. Don’t forget to always stop by this blog so you don’t miss interesting and unique information about games and technology.

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