Who is the Next Justice Society Member?

After long rumors that it will appear on the big screen, finally the Black Adam film is officially released and becomes part of the DCEU. Many obstacles, rumors, and various other obstacles before the film is ready to be released. Dwayne Johnson starred, where he played Black Adam. This will be his first debut as a superhero character.

As we saw in the trailer, apart from introducing the figure of Black Adam, the film also introduces a group of epic heroes, the Justice Society. This hero group consists of Dr. Fate, Hawkman, Cyclone, and also Atom Smasher. However, unfortunately, bad luck was experienced by this group of heroes. For geeks who haven’t watched the movie, this article contains a lot of spoilers. So, take on you own risk yes geeks!

Death of Dr. Fate

Bad luck must be experienced by the Justice Society, where they have to lose one of its best members, namely Dr. Fate. Throughout the story, Fate seems to be so uneasy about the vision he experienced from the Helmet of Nabu. In his vision, he saw the figure of Hawkman who had bad luck. The dream happened over and over again.

Hawkman himself was worried about Kent Nelson’s condition, which Kent himself assured him was okay. Hawkman himself had asked if he would die in the future. Kent himself did not give a definite answer. However, he stressed that the future can still be changed. Disaster then appears at the end of the story.

The fact was later revealed that what Kent said about Hawkman’s death was not 100% true. What actually happened was that it wasn’t Hawkman who was killed, but Kent Nelson. He claimed to have seen his own death in the last 100 years. And he accepted his destiny. Kent Nelson himself died in his fight against Sabacc.

Who's the Next Justice Society Member?, Greenscene

At first, Kent used all his strength to build a shield to keep the other Justice Society from entering. He also mustered his powers to resurrect Teth-Adam, as he knew only Black Adam could defeat Sabacc. Kent Nelson himself eventually died after he had to lose a lot of his powers.

This death was clearly unexpected and very shocking, considering Dr. Fate himself is actually one of the strongest characters in the comics. And in the film itself, it is clear how Hawkman and Black Adam were devastated by the death of Kent Nelson. However, in the end, after everything was finished, Hawkman finally began to accept Kent’s death.

Who is the Next Member?

Death of Dr. Fate did leave a deep scar on Carter Hall. He was her best friend, who had been fighting together for a long time. Even so, Carter himself was a rational figure. He must have realized that losing Dr. Fate means losing most of the power of the Justice Society. Therefore, he certainly needs to find a replacement for Dr. Fate.

The question then is who the next hero character will be part of the Justice Society? For now, it’s Warner Bros. still has not given any clue regarding this matter. However, we can see from the various things that WB has presented so far. For example, the figure of the Sandman could be one of Hawkman’s choices to join the Justice Society.

In the comic story, The Sandman is one of the founders of the Justice Society of America with Hawkman. So, it makes sense if Sandman later became part of this organization. Not to mention, recently the streaming platform Netflix released The Sandman series which was adapted from the comic storyline. Although not part of the DCEU canon, it is not impossible if the character will appear in the future.

Who's the Next Justice Society Member?, Greenscene

Then, another character is The Flash. Geeks may be surprised at this, as The Flash himself has joined the Justice League. However, Flash himself was actually a part of this group of heroes. And with the upcoming Flashpoint movie, it’s not impossible that Barry Allen will be the next member of the Justice Society.

Lastly is the Green Lantern. Like Black Adam, Green Lantern is a character that has long been predicted to appear in the DCEU. The fans themselves have really expected the presence of the Lantern Corps. And the existence of the Justice Society could be a way for that. Like Sandman and Hawkman, Green Lantern is one of the founders of the Justice Society. We’ll just have to wait, geeks who will replace Dr. Fate in this group of heroes.

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