10 Facts about Mephisto in the Marvel Universe!

Mephisto is a Marvel character who has often been theorized to appear in several MCU shows. First, fans theorize that Mephisto is the one controlling the Scarlet Witch’s mind. Second, fans also theorize that Mephisto will appear in another MCU project, Doctor Strange 2. However, there is not a single piece of evidence to suggest that Mephisto has actually appeared in the MCU. Well, recently an interesting news emerged indicating that Mephisto will really be debuting in the MCU soon. Before seeing Mephisto’s debut in the MCU, it’s good to know about the facts about Mephisto’s character. Anything?

Mephisto Isn’t a Devil

10 Facts about Mephisto in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

In the comics, Mephisto comes from Hell. But what should be noted is that Hell here is a dimensional name created by Mephisto. When in that dimension, Mephisto’s power will be many times stronger. Despite having a terrible appearance, but in essence, Mephisto was neither a demon nor a demon. But he really prefers if he is called a devil or demon. In the comics, Mephisto also disguised himself as a demon. And he’s used many aliases like Lucifer.

Ever Fight with Doctor Doom

10 Facts about Mephisto in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

Doctor Doom is wrong villain strongest in the Marvel Universe. Well as a great character, Doctor Doom once went to Hell to free his mother’s soul from Mephisto. Before being captured, Doctor Doom’s mother, Cynthia von Doom, casts a spell to summon Mephisto in order to gain more power. Well years later, Doctor Doom realized the fact about his mother, that he had once used his own magic to summon Mephisto. After visiting hell, Doctor Doom challenges Mephisto to a duel and reclaims his mother’s soul. But Doctor Doom isn’t alone in succumbing to Mephisto, for he’s also taken Doctor Strange with him.

No Original Form

10 Facts about Mephisto in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

Mephisto has appeared several times in Marvel comics with his appearance of red skin, horns, and male gender. But that’s not the real thing. Actually, no one knows Mephisto’s true form. As a being who possesses pure energy, he has the ability to change forms. That means he can imitate the form of almost any living thing or animal. That way, he can deceive his victims. He can also increase his body size and change his appearance to intimidate enemies or face bigger foes. So, Mephisto’s form can take any form, according to his wishes.

Dealing with Silver Surfer

10 Facts about Mephisto in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

In the Marvel comics, Mephisto has tried several times to destroy and take the Silver Surfer’s soul. But the attempt was never successful. In the end, the Surfer always wins against Mephisto. Even the Surfer could resist all of Mephisto’s temptations and deceit. If Mephisto manages to master the soul and mind of the Silver Surfer, then it will be very dangerous for the world, considering the power of the Surfer is very powerful. Mephisto could have ordered the Surfer to destroy the world. But as mentioned above, the purity of the Surfer’s heart and soul is stronger than the evil forces of Mephisto.

Can Mix Reality

10 Facts about Mephisto in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

Mephisto’s power was indeed formidable. His power is seen when he mixes one reality into another, and makes all events that occur in that reality exactly the same. This happened when Mephisto mixed the reality from Earth-81545 into the reality from Earth-616. In one incident, Peter Parker had also asked Mephisto to save Aunt May’s life. And in exchange, Mephisto will erase Peter Parker’s marriage to Mary Jane, and take away all the happiness that Spider-Man has experienced before. It was there that Mephisto retrieved the surviving Aunt May from a different reality, so that Peter Parker could meet Aunt May again.

Creating Ghost Rider

10 Facts about Mephisto in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

Geeks of course know with Ghost Rider. He is a superhero with the power of darkness which he uses to fight all evil on Earth. But do geeks know who created Ghost Rider in the Marvel Universe? Well actually, the person who created Ghost Rider was Mephisto. For geeks who don’t know, the first Ghost Rider in the ancient era was given power by Mephisto who was in disguise at that time. Even the most famous Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze also gets powers from Mephisto. Interestingly, Johnny Blaze calls Mephisto as Satan.

Immune to the Power of Penance Stare

10 Facts about Mephisto in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

As we know, Penance Stare is Ghost Rider’s most powerful strength. This ability allows Ghost Rider to lock the victim’s eyes and make the victim see all their sins in the past. The effect, the victim will feel extreme pain, and psychological trauma. But the effect will be different when Ghost Rider uses Penance Stare against Mephisto. Because he is immune to that power. Because Mephisto is thirsty for evil and he is a character who was created purely as a villain, then he doesn’t feel the traumatic effect at all when shown with all his crimes in the past. In fact, Penance Stare made Mephisto’s power increase because he was reminded of his evil deeds which he found pleasant.

Mephisto’s Weaknesses

10 Facts about Mephisto in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

Behind all his strengths, Mephisto turned out to have a very fatal weakness. He is very strong when he is in his dimension, but his strength will be greatly reduced when he is away from his dimension. That’s why Mephisto often uses his manipulation abilities to manipulate his targets to make the process faster. On top of that, he also couldn’t get close to someone he had made a pact with. Peter Parker was an example of when Mephisto couldn’t get close to him anymore because the two of them had made a pact. In addition, Mephisto’s body can actually be injured when he has to fight strong enemies.

Hate Spider-Man

10 Facts about Mephisto in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

Mephisto’s hatred of Spider-Man is already legendary in Marvel comics. Though the reason Mephisto hates Spider-Man is very simple. When Mephisto makes a deal with Spider-Man to save Aunt May’s life, in exchange for annulling his marriage to Mary Jane, Mephisto hates Spider-Man so much because Spider-Man is happy again after Aunt May returns. Mephisto hated the happiness created between the two. Because of his hatred for Spider-Man, Mephisto was not interested in taking Parker’s soul, because Parker was willing to sacrifice himself to save others. Spider-Man’s kindness makes Mephisto feel hate towards him.

Meaning of the name Mephisto

10 Facts about Mephisto in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

The name Mephisto is taken from the German legend which has many names, namely Mephistophilus, Mephostopheles, Mephistophilis, and Mephastophilis. In addition, there is a lot of ancient literature that represents that Mephisto is a demon who is very cunning towards humans. That’s why in Marvel Comics, he is also depicted as a very cunning figure, who is willing to manipulate the human mind and then control his mind.

That’s it Geeks 10 facts about the character Mephisto in the Marvel Universe. With all of these facts in mind, we now know that Mephisto has created major problems in the Marvel Universe several times. Will he also appear in the MCU later? Let’s just wait, geeks, but reportedly Mephisto will soon make his debut in the MCU.

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