12 Best and Strongest Gold Lane Heroes in Mobile Legends 2022

Gold Lane is a lane located on the sidelane, this lane is specifically for looking for gold and is usually occupied by core heroes such as marksman. There are many heroes who can occupy the Gold Lane but there are some of the best Gold Lane heroes in 2022 that should be used to occupy the lane. Heroes in Gold Lane must be diligent in farming and try to last hit minions so that more gold is obtained. Usually the hero who occupies this lane is a marksman or hero who has great potential in the late game so that he becomes the core or damage dealer for the team.

Well, that’s why it will be discussed along with a list of the best Gold Lane heroes in Mobile Legends. For users who like to play on Gold Lane or you want to play on Gold Lane, you should know about what heroes are best in occupying that lane. Just take a look at it in its entirety to understand well.

1. Brody

Brody is one of the marksman heroes in Mobile Legends, including one of the best Gold Lane heroes. Brody’s damage has been sick since the early game, so he can clear minions quickly and can even kill enemies. Unlike other marksman who relies on attack speed, Brody relies more on damage and burst damage as his weapon. His passive skill is in the form of a mark, if Brody attacks it will leave a mark and the mark can increase Brody’s damage to become increasingly sick.

His abilities and skill sets are very supportive to dominate or master Gold Lane, the enemy will have difficulty when dealing with Brody in the early games. Even during the late game, Brody has damage that is still very painful, if you use defense items, the durability is even stronger and harder to die. Brody is also one of the sickest gold lane heroes that must be used, you know!.

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2. Beatrix

Next is Beatrix the marksman hero with many weapons, one of the best gold laner heroes in 2022. Beatrix’s ability is very unique because she can change weapons, every weapon Beatrix has has a different attack effect but is equally deadly. There are weapons like snipers, SMGs, Grenade Launchers, etc. all of which are equally good and deadly. However, Beatrix is ​​a difficult hero to master because players have to master the micro and this hero has high mechanics.

Beatrix is ​​perfect for occupying Gold Lane where she can farm Gold freely so she can buy items. Most likely Beatrix can dominate Gold Lane because since the early game this hero has no brain damage, but it all depends on the player or pilot.

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3. Nathan

Natan is definitely included in the list of the strongest Gold Lane heroes in ML, this hero can even dominate the lane armed with his skill set and abilities. The hero has hybrid physical damage and magical damage, so this hero’s damage is very deadly depending on the magic or physical item used. Nathan can farm quickly because his skills are very supportive for clear minions, his attacks can go back and forth like a boomerang.

Indeed, during the early game, Natan was not too dangerous, but don’t underestimate Natan in the late game, because even one team can be level when dealing with Natan. This hero with space and time abilities can be a good choice to play in Gold Lane, as long as you can play this hero properly.

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4. Lunox

Gold Lane can be occupied by heroes other than marksman, one of which is a hero from the role mage circle, Lunox. The hero is almost similar to a marksman because he can attack continuously using his skills, Lunox also has high burst damage that can even penetrate tank defenses. Although Gold Lane is now more dominated by marksman, mages like Lunox and heroes from other roles are still suitable to occupy Gold Lane because heroes in this lane are usually important cores for the team.

You could also say Lunox is one of the best gold laner heroes in ML, even if the pilot is good he can beat the marksman hero in the same lane. Lunox is a hero with high mechanics and has two different skill modes, namely Light and Dark, if both are used properly it will be very useful.

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5. Wanwan

The next best Gold Lane hero is Wanwan, one of the heroes from role marksman. Wanwan is famous for having agile and fast movements, this agile movement makes it difficult for enemies to approach or catch the hero. Wanwan’s skills even have an immune effect on crowd control which makes this hero even more difficult to catch, the effect is almost like the Purify battle spell.

Wanwan has an ultimate skill that is no less deadly, she will fly and attack one of the targets and if the target dies it will move as long as the duration of this skill is still there. This hero is indeed not easy to use because of its high mechanics, if the pilot is good it can certainly overwhelm the enemy.

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6. Sun

Fighters can also occupy Gold Lane, one of which is Sun, a hero in the form of an ape with the power of shadow. Sun deserves to be called the strongest Gold Laner hero because this hero has a fighter role but is almost similar to marksman because it relies heavily on attack speed and will be strong during the late game phase. Heroes like Sun require farming Gold to buy important items so that during the late game they can become strong and invincible, so Gold Lane is perfect for Sun.

Sun’s main strength lies in his shadow, he can deceive the enemy with the shadow and even gang up on enemy heroes. Playing Sun, you have to be patient and focus on farming and when you’re in war, you have to dare to jump right in because you have 3 shadows to attack and gang up on enemies.

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7. Moscow

Moskov is a marksman hero with a deadly spear weapon, this hero is also included as the best gold lane hero in Mobile Legends. The hero is suitable for occupying Gold Lane because the reason is the same as other marksman heroes, Moskov needs farming to be in the late game. Moskov is indeed a gold lane meta hero, but this hero is also a bit difficult to play, especially during the early game because it wastes mana and the damage doesn’t hurt.

To become stronger, keep farming on Gold Lane so you can buy important items. Moskov has a very good cc skill to stop the opponent, the resulting stun effect can reach 2 seconds and is enough to finish off the enemy. This hero’s ultimate skill has a long, straight range.

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8. Claude

Who is the mm user who doesn’t know the quirky-style marksman and carries a monkey? of course know his name is Claude. This hero is great for placing in Gold Lane, so you can farm freely and buy important items. Claude is a late game hero, so he needs time to farm and buy items to make his damage worse. This hero has good mobility and can fool enemies using skill 2.

Claude also has to be diligent in collecting stacks through skill 1 so that attack speed and movement speed can increase because this skill functions to steal enemy attributes. Also take advantage of ultimate skills well, for example, use them during teamfight or war moments.

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9. Lesley

The sniper Lesley is also one of the best gold lane heroes in 2022, usually an Epic rank that relies on this hero very often. Lesley is a marksman who relies on critical damage to finish off enemies and even has passive skills to deal critical damage. In order to be better and stronger in the late game, Lesley requires farming gold to buy items, then Gold Lane is perfect for Lesley.

Lesley’s ultimate skill has a fairly long range, this skill is suitable for executing enemies whose blood is dying or it can also be for open maps. Playing Lesley is easy, but you have to pay attention that it takes time for Lesley to hurt her damage, so keep farming to get sick in the late game.

10. Hanabi

The next best Gold Lane hero is Hanabi who is also one of the marksman heroes in Mobile Legends. Hanabi is more often used by Mobile Legends players of Epic rank and below because this marksman is indeed not effective if used at Legend rank and above. Hanabi needs intense farming to be able to buy items because Hanabi is very dependent on items to get sicker, especially during the late game.

Actually, Hanabi is a marksman with many advantages, namely immune skills, innate lifesteal, crowd control skills, bouncing damage, and others, but many players make the wrong use of this hero because it is only forced. If the pilot is good and diligent in farming since the early game, of course Hanabi can be an important asset during the late game.

11. Saber

Saber is one of the heroes of the assassin role, this hero is suitable if placed in Gold Lane. Many marksman occupy Gold Lane so they can farm freely so to counter this, Saber is the solution. Saber has a very deadly disable or crowd control skill, the damage from his skill attacks can kill opponents with just one combo, especially if the target is a mm hero.

The best and deadliest Saber skill combo is skill 1 and skill 2 to approach the enemy then immediately attack with the ultimate skill, if the opponent is not dead, just use the execute spell. Saber can be the best mainstay to finish off gold lane ml heroes, especially role marksman heroes whose blood is thin and easy to kill.

12. Popol and Kupa

And in the last order in the list of the best Gold Lane heroes in Mobile Legends, namely Popol and Kupa. The hero is now more suitable for occupying Gold Lane than Midlane because Moonton has buffed Popol Kupa’s damage to become sicker and more suitable as a marksman. In this lane, Popol Kupa can farm Gold to get items so that they can become team assets during the late game. The unique ability of this hero is the Kupa wolf which is the main damage dealer because this wolf bite attack is very deadly.

For the open map Popol Kupa can set a trap or trap so that when an enemy roamer comes to Gold Lane, it can be known beforehand or even stopped because it was hit by a trap. When a war situation or teamfight Popol and Kupa can be used to riot and attack the enemy’s core because the Kupa wolf has a thick life.

Well, that was the list, summary, and discussion about the best Gold Lane heroes in Mobile Legends. All of these heroes are good, even heroes who are not on the list can still occupy Gold Lane, because it all depends on whether or not the pilot is good at controlling the hero. So which do you think is the strongest Gold Lane hero? If you have an opinion, please just comment.

It seems that until here, this article may be useful and add insight, especially for Mobile Legends game players, see you gamers!

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