12 Best Dyrroth Counter Heroes in Mobile Legends, Effective and Must Use!

Dyrroth is one of the fighter heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero is already very popular and widely used by players because it is an OP and strong fighter. Every hero, of course, has a counter, no matter how overpowered the hero is, including Dyrroth, of course there is a Dyrroth counter hero who can defeat the fighter hero. Dyrroth is indeed quite strong both in terms of defense or durability as well as in terms of damage or offense.

Passive alone can break the enemy’s defense coupled with other skills that also have quite a lot of damage, so this hero is one of the heroes that tanks fear. For by one this hero is also very strong and can match other fighter heroes, so this hero is often picked to fight with other strong offlane heroes. Well, this time we will discuss about the best and most effective Dyrroth hero counter so that later you will not be overwhelmed again when dealing with the hero, just go ahead.

1. Lylia

Dyrroth’s first counter hero is Lylia who is one of the hero mages, this mage hero can overwhelm Dyrroth because of his skill set. Lylia can continue to attack or spam skills if her skills hit the opponent, Dyrroth who has to attack from close range of course will find it difficult to approach Lylia because she will be hit by continuous attacks that can actually kill Dyrroth.

This mage also has a unique ability, which is that he can return to his original state if he uses his ultimate skill and teleports himself to the shoe. Of course, Dyrroth will be overwhelmed when dealing with this hero, especially if Lylia gets a good cover from the team, it is difficult for Dyrroth to launch an attack on Lylia.

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2. Thamuz

Thamuz is a fighter hero in Mobile Legends, this hero has extraordinary toughness and is very strong to face other heroes like Dyrroth. If you ask about who is Dyrroth’s counter? Thamuz can be Dyrroth’s counter because this hero can face one on one, the hero can last a long time and is difficult to beat by Dyrroth. Not to mention that his regen effect is also high and has damage that is quite painful to finish off Dyrroth, although Dyrroth is indeed strong in terms of attack, Thamuz’s resistance is very strong to counter him.

Thamuz becomes a big rival in EXP Lane for Dyrroth, with high regen and strong defense he can bully Dyrroth. Indeed, in the original story, this Thamuz is Dyrroth’s boss or even his teacher, it’s only right that this hero can be a natural counter for Dyrroth.

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3. Lunox

Dyrroth’s next counter hero is Lunox who is a mage with deadly burst damage and is known to be able to finish off enemies with his spam skills. Lunox is a hero mage with two powers, namely light and darkness, both of which can produce high-damage attacks through skills. With his 2nd skill Lunox can attack Dyrroth many times because this skill can be continuously spammed if using the ultimate skill, the damage can pay off Dyrroth’s blood to death.

Lunox can be a formidable opponent for Dyrroth because this hero is able to overwhelm him with spam skills. This mage hero is also difficult to catch because he has immune skills when using Light mode skills, it is indeed difficult for Dyrroth when dealing with this type of Lunox mage.

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4. Silvanna

Who would have thought if Dyrroth’s counter turned out to be his own sister, namely Silvanna. Silvanna is a fighter hero with the power of magic damage, she has pretty sick damage coupled with quite good durability, not infrequently this hero often becomes a tank. This fighter hero has very good crowd control skills, this skill is of course very useful for countering Dyrroth. He can issue a kind of confinement with the ultimate skill that will lock up the opponent for a while and cannot escape.

If you have been hit by Silvanna’s deadly skill combo, of course, a hero like Dyrroth can’t do much anymore. Moreover, this hero has a pretty good resistance so that it is quite tough, Silvanna can be a balanced 1v1 Dyrroth counter hero and can even excel.

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5. Kaja

Dyrroth’s next counter hero comes from the hybrid fighter/support hero, the birdman Kaja. Indeed, Kaja is known to be able to counter many heroes including Dyrroth, with his flagship whip he can punish enemies and make them helpless. Kaja’s crowd control skill is strong, he can drag opponents and make Dyrroth helpless for a while. Kaja’s cc effect is as strong as Franco’s ultimate skill called the suppressed effect, the strongest cc effect in ML.

By using the right skill combo, Kaja can kill Dyrroth easily. But to make the damage more painful, use a full mage build or at least a semi build so that you can finish off Dyrroth or at least make him lose a lot of blood.

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6. Ruby

Ruby, known as a fighter tank hero, is also suitable for use as one of Dyrroth’s counter heroes. This hero has a very heavy lifesteal especially if it is added with a lifesteal item it will continue to suck the enemy’s blood and his life will continue to regenerate. Don’t underestimate the durability of this hero because Ruby is very strong, especially since this hero has a lifesteal, if you have a mechanical fight with Dyrroth, of course you can win.

Ruby also has a crowd control skill that can be used against Dyrroth, the cc skill is of course very useful to stop his movement even temporarily. Ruby can be a counter to Dyrroth in the exp lane because it can outperform him.

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7. Akai

Next there is Akai who is a tank hero in Mobile Legends, this hero can beat and become a Dyrroth counter. Akai since getting the revamp has become more vicious and has quite a lot of damage because it is helped by his passive skill. This tank hero also has crowd control skills which can make it difficult for Dyrroth to face Akai because Dyrroth’s weakness is CC skills.

Akai has high durability which is certainly very supportive to defend against Dyrroth, his skill set is also pretty good against Dyrroth. Akai can use the ultimate skill to make Dyrroth cornered and push him, even better if it hits a wall or into the turret so it can’t move anymore.

8. Johnson

Johnson can also be used as one of Dyrroth’s counter heroes, this tank has strong strength and resilience. This tank hero has the ultimate skill that turns it into a car and can surround the entire map, this skill can hit enemies and cause area damage. Johnson does have a thick and strong durability or defense, a hero like Dyrroth, of course, has difficulty penetrating it.

Even though he is a tank hero, Johnson besides having extraordinary durability he also has high magic damage. To make it even better, combo with other heroes to finish off Dyrroth, such as Odette or Badang.

9. Chou

The hero who can counter many heroes or can also be called the counter of all counters is Chou. This fighter hero can defeat or be a formidable opponent for Dyrroth, because the weakness of Dyrroth, of course, is CC-based skills. Chou can use his ultimate combo, namely Flicker and ultimate skill, so the enemy hero will bounce.

Chou also has good mobility and is an agile hero because his skill 1 and skill 2 are dash or blink. To finish off Dyrroth, just use Chou’s mainstay combo, try also to kick it towards the turret or towards a teammate to finish off together.

10. Nana

Nana is one of the hero mages in Mobile Legends, this small and cute hero is actually very annoying and annoying but can be a counter for many heroes including Dyrroth. This hero often gets buffs from Moonton and instead becomes even more OP and is hated by other hero users because he can turn enemies into small creatures for a while using skill 2.

Nana can use a 2-1-3 combo skill to finish off Dyrroth and make sure to also build a full mage so that the damage is painful and can kill Dyrroth easily.

11. Hanzo

Hanzo is a hero who can issue a kind of shadow skill that can be controlled and attacks enemies from a distance. This hero can be a counter to Dyrroth because with this ranged attack Hanzo has a great chance to finish him off. Hanzo’s shadow also has advantages such as his sick skills and increased movement speed and attack speed.

Take the right position and hide for example in the bush or in the turret so that Dyrroth or other enemies cannot reach Hanzo’s real body. Dyrroth is indeed strong by one but can lose against the shadow of Hanzo who has various advantages in terms of attributes.

12. Franco

The last Dyrroth counter hero on the list this time is Franco who is one of the tank heroes in ML. Franco has a crowd control skill that can make the enemy unable to move for a while, Franco’s ultimate skill is the strongest crowd control effect that is suppressed. He can make Dyrroth not move for a while by using his ultimate skill, Franco can also attract enemies using skill 1.

Franco really can’t finish off or kill Dyrroth alone so he needs help from another hero who has high damage. Franco was just a counter so that Dyrroth could not move freely.

Well, that was the list of some of the best Dyrroth counter heroes that you can use to fight these fighters. All of these heroes have strengths and weaknesses and their respective counters are just how we as players determine the right strategy to stop OP heroes who are often used when draft picks. Hopefully it’s useful and it’s only here, friend gamers! see you again.

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