12 Best Midlaner Heroes in Mobile Legends 2022

Midlaner is one of the roles in Mobile Legends that occupies the midlane or lane in the middle of the Land of Dawn map. There are some of the best midlaner heroes who can be relied on to fill positions in the midlane, usually from among mage or support heroes. Midlane has a strategic position because it is located in the middle so it can roam to other lanes quickly and easily. Midlaner heroes have a very important task, especially to help teammates who are on another lane, during war or teamfight Midlaner also has to help.

Well, this time there will be a discussion and list of the best midlaner heroes in 2022. So, for those of you who are still confused when choosing which midlaner heroes are good, read on until the end, so you won’t be confused anymore and can choose a good and suitable hero, just go ahead. .

1. Vale

The first best ML midlaner hero is Vale, one of the mage heroes with pain damage and crowd control skills. Vale is the top pick in the midlaner because he has excellent damage and CC abilities. This hero mage can be a good support for the team, his mobility is fast so when roam can arrive quickly.

Vale has a deadly combo skill, even with just one combination, the enemy can immediately run out. The hero has a unique ability that is able to increase skill abilities when level 4, 6, 8 skills can be increased in terms of damage and CC. When war or teamfight Vale has a big role because with his combo he can kill many enemies at once.

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2. Mathilda

Mathilda is one of the best ML midlaner heroes in 2022, a hero with a hybrid assassin and support role. This hero can be an option to be placed in the midlane position, has pain damage and good durability and can give the team a very profitable buff. Mathilda even often becomes a subscriber of a ban during draft picks because it can annoy opponents.

Mathilda can bring her friends dash towards her with her skills, of course this skill is useful for jointly beating the enemy or it can also run away. This hero can also chase opponents with ultimate skills, when flying will get immune and after crashing can cause stun.

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3. Chang’e

The next midlaner hero is Chang’e, a high ground mage hero who can be relied on as support in the midlane. Chang’e is famous for having skills with long range and area damage properties. This hero is equipped with a shield and high movement speed through skill 2 so that when rotation or roam to help other lanes can quickly arrive.

Chang’e has the ultimate skill with sick and deadly damage, if it is hit by small stars over time, the enemy’s blood can run out, the cooldow is also fast, you know. This high ground mage hero can be a supporter during war/teamfight with ultimate skills and rain down on opponents until their blood runs out.

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4. Yve

Yve is one of the best ML midlaner heroes who deserves to be picked because the hero has skills that can irritate the enemy. This hero is equipped with skills with area damage and slow effects that greatly interfere with the movement or mobility of enemy heroes. Yve’s mobility is quite good enough to roam to the lane and help teammates.

Yve’s ultimate skill is also unique in that he will create an area like a chessboard, the boxes can be pressed or shifted and the effect can be damage or slow. Yve is a high ground hero who can support the team during war well, the enemy will be in trouble if they dare to approach Yve.

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5. Pharsa

The next best ML midlaner hero is Pharsa, one of the mage heroes who has high damage and pain. Pharsa is a high ground mage hero with a long range of skills, this hero can make it difficult for opponents even from a distance. One of Pharsa’s strengths is that she can turn into a bird and fly quickly, this is very useful for roaming or escaping.

Pharsa has high burst damage and even the ultimate skill can kill opponents with only 2-3 airstrike attacks, the distance of this skill is also far. This hero mage is very reliable as a midlaner, even when war is useful for attacking enemies from a distance.

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6. Nana

Nana is also one of the best midlaner heroes in 2022 in Mobile Legends, this hero is often used by user support and mages. This hero is relatively easy to play, the skill is very annoying for enemy heroes. Nana can turn the enemy’s hero into a cute little cat with skill 2, as long as she’s an enemy cat, you can’t do anything.

Nana also has very good crowd control skills and is very supportive during war or team fights. The ultimate skill will attack 3 times and cause a stun effect especially this skill is AoE aka damage area. Nana must be picked if you want to find an easy and reliable midlaner.

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7. Selena

Who is an ML player who doesn’t know Selena? definitely know because this hero has the longest stun in Mobile Legends. Selena is one of the sickest midlaner heroes, the damage from this hero can kill enemies quickly, especially those with thin blood. With skill 1 Selena can open the map because the trap can be installed anywhere, install it in a place like a bush to provide visibility in that place.

Selena can be a very helpful midlaner and support, her roaming ability is very good. With his catfish stun skill he can overwhelm the enemy, especially to target the enemy’s hero core. This hero can be one of the sickest 2022 midlaner heroes that you can use to push rank.

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8. Lunox

Lunox is a mage hero who can become a midlaner, this hero is famous for having high burst damage. Even heroes with thick blood and defense can be overwhelmed if they face Lunox’s continuous and blood-draining attacks. Lunox has two types of power, namely Light and Dark, both have unique skills and are equally deadly.

With a good combination of skills and the right Lunox can slaughter opponents easily. Lunox can even be immune to any attack if you use the ultimate Light mode skill. Lunox can be a good choice to occupy the mid lane position, as long as you can use it because this hero has high mechanics.

9. Luo Yi

The next best 2022 midlaner hero is Luo Yi who is one of the heroes of the role mage. Luo Yi does have unique skills but requires a good pilot because this hero has high mechanics. The burst damage produced by Luo Yi is very painful, his combo skill can make the opponent sucked in and exposed to damage that can drain their blood.

This mage is famous for having teleport skills through ultimate skills, so Luo Yi can move quickly. This skill can also be used for ganking the enemy team, moving teammates to attack the enemy secretly.

10. Valir

Valir is one of the mage heroes in Mobile Legends which is suitable for use as a midlaner hero. Skill abilities, especially the CC of this hero, are very strong and can cause the enemy to be overwhelmed when dealing with Valir. In addition, Valir can continue to spam skill 1 if the skill hits an opponent or last hit minion, this skill can kill opponents quickly during the early game.

Of course, Valir’s biggest CC ability is in skill 2, Valir will issue a big fire wave and can push the opponent. Valir’s ultimate skill will eliminate the CC effect and increase movement speed, besides increasing the damage and effect of skills 1 and 2. Valir is certainly very useful during war, his skills can make the fight more chaotic.

11. Kagura

Next for the best midlaner ml hero in 2022 is Kagura, a mage hero with a weapon in the form of an umbrella. Kagura got a revamp before entering season 22, the revamp slightly changed her appearance and skill effect. This hero is still deadly and can be a big threat, even so a reliable pilot and fast hands are still important because this hero is difficult and has high mechanics.

Kagura is classified as agile and can move around using an umbrella, to attack can move the umbrella as well. Kagura can be a good midlaner choice, as long as he can control it properly and correctly.

12. Floryn

Finally, there is a support hero, Floryn, who can be relied on to occupy the midlane position. Floryn is a support hero with magical damage, this hero has healing abilities and buffs that are very useful for teammates. Floryn’s healing effect can even reach all teammates and reach the entire map!.

Floryn can also give an item to one of his teammates, the stats of this item are also quite good to strengthen the hero. Floryn’s abilities and skills can be a strong support during war or team fights or during the laning phase, even if Floryn is from a distance.

Well friends, ML gamers, that was the list along with a summary of the discussion about the best 2022 midlaner heroes in Mobile Legends. Do you have another opinion or your hero hasn’t entered yet? please just add it in the comments column, don’t hesitate! Hopefully the information above is useful so that you midlaner players have a good choice of heroes for that position. Until here it seems, see you again!.

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