15 Most Difficult and Annoying GTA San Andreas Missions

Gamenization – Who is not familiar with the legendary game called GTA San Andreas?, surely most gamers have played this game made by Rockstar Games. In this game there are various missions that must be completed in order to finish, the missions of GTA San Andreas are many and varied and of course exciting. I don’t know why this game has its own charm compared to other GTA series, especially now that GTA SA is available on Mobile and PC so we can play it anytime and not depend on the console anymore.

The missions presented by this game are also very many and take a long time to complete. Some of the missions are unique and fun, but there are also missions that feel difficult and annoying. Well, gamer friends this time I will discuss some of the most difficult missions in GTA San Andreas.

1. Wrong Side of the Tracks

Well, one of the most difficult and annoying missions is a chase mission by train. In this mission you have to ride Big Smoke to chase the Vagos gang on a train. Besides you have to be agile, you also have to be smart to catch time because the Vagos gang must be eliminated before reaching the Las Venturas bridge.

The most annoying thing here is that Big Smoke is not good at shooting and is considered to just shoot, so the cause of the failure of this mission is usually because of that. Every time a mission fails, Big Smoke definitely likes to say “All you have to do is follow that damn train, CJ”.

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2. Supply Lines

This mission from Zero is known by gamers as one of the most difficult missions in GTA SA. In this mission you are required to kill Zero’s enemies with a small toy plane. This toy plane is very difficult to control through the buildings in the city of San Fiero. After successfully killing the target, the plane must return to the roof of Zero’s toy shop with fuel still available.

This mission is indeed difficult because it only relies on small toy planes, besides that fuel is also limited. Supply Lines is one of the most difficult missions in gta sa, you have to be agile and fast in order to complete the mission.

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3. Robbing Uncle Sam

The next most difficult mission in GTA SA is Robbing Uncle Sam, one of the most difficult and difficult missions to complete. This mission begins with Ryder and CJ who want to steal weapons from the warehouse belonging to the National Guard soldiers at Ocean Docks. The task is quite difficult and requires hard work because you have to infiltrate armed soldiers, drive a truck, move boxes with a forklift, and even have to protect Ryder to keep him alive if he dies the mission will fail.

Moving boxes with a forklift is also a rather difficult task because it requires accuracy, besides that players must be fast because otherwise Ryder could be shot dead by soldiers. After all the boxes have been loaded successfully, the army is still being chased by the army, this mission sucks, but it’s still fun.

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4. Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly is one of the most difficult GTA San Andreas missions, one that requires players to learn about airplane and helicopter flight. Actually, players will understand how to fly a plane or helicopter, but because this mission is the main thing, it must be done so that you can continue to the next mission, it sounds annoying, right. In this mission CJ will fly several types of aircraft through various obstacles and tasks in order to pass.

It sounds easy and cool right? it’s not that easy you know because this mission is quite difficult and makes you have to concentrate and hold your anger. At first it was easy but over time it will get more difficult, so prepare yourself mentally and concentrate if you want to play this mission and complete it.

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5. Cop Wheels

The next most difficult GTA San Andreas mission is Cop Wheels, this mission is exhausting and somewhat boring. In this mission you as CJ have to steal 4 police motorbikes and bring them to a transport truck. The problem is that the player himself must chase and steal a motorcycle belonging to the police and will raise a wanted level and then take it to a transport truck. This has to be repeated 4 times so it seems boring and frustrating right.

The motorbike must be returned undamaged or damaged, otherwise the mission will fail. Eliminating the wanted level is a bit difficult, the trick might be to go to spray and pray to remove the wanted level or use cheats. Players also have to race against time to complete this mission which only adds to the burden.

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6. Freefall

Freefall is one of the missions in GTA San Andreas that involves planes, Freefall is one of the most difficult missions in GTA San Andreas. CJ is ordered to chase a high speed Shamal plane, even though CJ only drives a Dodo plane which is slower than the target plane. This mission is quite difficult because the two planes are not balanced in terms of speed so you will find it difficult to catch up to the jet type aircraft.

CJ must pass the red circle to hijack Shamal’s plane, this requires concentration to run smoothly. Worse yet, the plane has to be hijacked before it reaches Las Venturas and returns it to the airport, Freefall is indeed a troublesome mission.

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7. NOE

The next most difficult mission in GTA SA is NOE, a mission that is frustrating and emotional because it involves another airplane. NOE is one of the missions given by Mike Toreno to CJ, this person also gives many other difficult missions, one of which is Learning to Fly. In this mission, CJ must be in charge of controlling the plane and following orders from the mission, which is to circle Angel Pine, this plane carries a special package.

The thing that makes it difficult and annoying on this NOE mission is that the aircraft must stay under the radar so as not to be detected by the military. If it is detected, it will be chased by Hydra fighter planes who will shoot at CJ’s plane, don’t get shot.

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8. OG Loc

OG Loc is one of the most annoying missions in GTA San Andreas, this mission is quite difficult and requires concentration and skill. At the beginning of the mission CJ will pick up someone at the police station, namely OG Loc who just got out of prison. After that CJ and OG Loc will chase and kill someone named Freddy. Well, the hardest part of this mission is to chase and kill the person.

CJ had to chase Freddy through narrow streets and alleys and many vehicles making it difficult for CJ to move. It must require high focus and concentration to get through narrow alleys and crowded streets, otherwise it can crash and Freddy can automatically escape the mission failed.

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9. Vertical Bird

Again, there are missions involving airplanes, namely Vertical Bird, a mission that has a fairly high level of difficulty. On this mission CJ is assigned to hijack a Hydra fighter plane from a military base. First CJ has to infiltrate this base and get into a ship where the Hydra plane is, after that it turns off the guided missile system and steals one of the jets.

The difficult thing in this mission is being chased by many enemy Hydra planes who are targeting the stolen CJ plane. CJ also has to destroy the reconnaissance ship, this is the part that is a bit difficult because the plane can crash so you have to be careful not to destroy the plane so that the mission does not fail.

10. Tanker Commander

The next most difficult GTA San Andreas mission is Tanker Commander, a mission carried out with CJ’s girlfriend, Catalina. This mission starts with CJ’s girlfriend, Catalina, trying to rob a gas station and then stealing a tanker truck and its trailer. The difficulty in this mission is when you drive this tanker truck and drop it to its destination.

The truck will be chased by the gas station owner and shoot at CJ making it more difficult to get to the destination, plus this truck has health. Not to mention a few turns that if you’re not careful the trailer can slip out of the truck, of course this is actually a hassle. The key is to be careful and stay focused, don’t let this truck’s health run out/explode, Catalina dies, or the trailer is detached from the truck so as not to fail its mission.

11. Stowaway

Stowaway is a mission in GTA San Andreas that is quite difficult, this mission is given by Mike Toreno the government agent. Starting from CJ who was ordered by Mike Toreno to kill rival agents by blowing up the plane. In this mission you will ride a motorcycle and chase the plane so as not to escape. But it’s not that easy, you also have to dodge gunfire from armed agents and barrels dropped from planes.

This mission is easy and difficult as long as focus and concentration should be completed more quickly. Even though it’s a bit difficult, the Stowaway mission is very cool like in action movies, so it’s worth it to complete the mission, especially when it comes to chasing planes and jumping from planes.

12. Monsters

The next most difficult mission in GTA SA is Monster, a mission that involves monster trucks. This mission is also given by Mike Toreno, the person who gives many difficult and annoying missions. In this mission CJ will drive a monster truck and race against the clock driving past the mark on the GPS that has been provided.

This mission is a bit difficult because you have to complete it no later than 6:30 minutes so you don’t fail the mission. If you are a patient person and can focus then it is not too much of a problem but if you are an impatient person you will definitely have difficulty with this mission.

13. A Home in the Hills

Want a mission that is challenging and contains elements of GTA-style shooting but is also difficult to complete? the answer is A Home in the Hills one of the GTA San Andreas missions. The mission begins with CJ and some of his friends plunging into Madd Dogg’s house onto the roof. After that CJ had to kill hundreds of people from armed enemy gangs, of course that was a very large number.

The difficulty in this mission is because it is outnumbered and the enemies are too many so it can be overwhelmed, just imagine. This mission can be said to be difficult especially if you are not good at shooting, if you are good it might be easier but here you are outnumbered.

14. Farewell, My Love…

The next most difficult GTA San Andreas mission is Farewell, My Love, one of the fun and difficult missions but very worth playing. This mission tells the story of Catalina and CJ who have to separate because they have their own goals, before that they will race with cars. The thing that makes it difficult here is the difficult and long race track.

The slightest mistake, for example, a missed jump or the wrong direction, can make this long mission fail and you have to start over again. This mission is really troublesome and time-consuming, even so this mission is still fun and worth playing.

15. End of the Line

The last most difficult GTA San Andreas mission on this list is End of the Line, a difficult mission as well as the last mission of GTA SA. End of the Line is a long and exhausting mission, but this mission is also very exciting, especially when we get to know the end of the story of GTA SA. This long mission starts from breaking into buildings with SWAT’s tanks then storming and fighting many enemies, besides that CJ must kill Big Smoke who betrays.

After that, there is another thing, namely escaping from the building and chasing a corrupt cop named Tenpenny, which is quite difficult in this section. Indeed, this mission is long and difficult but worth it because the ending of GTA SA is quite good and impressive.

Well, that was the list of some of the most difficult GTA San Andreas missions to complete. By trying and trying, of course, these missions can be completed sooner or later, the important thing is that they can be completed. Until here, friends gamers and see you again.

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