3 Ways to Get Free Vouchers on Bukalapak Postage

Well, again, looking for a free shipping voucher code. I also like it when you get a free shipping voucher code, because when you get the code, it makes you even more sure to shop, right, friend? haha

Because the main obstacle that buyers usually experience is the problem of shipping costs which are sometimes even more expensive than the goods we buy. Now, every online store has different methods, including Bukalapak.

What I Think About Bukalapak

If we discuss the topic of free shipping, then Bukalapak provides 3 ways that we can do to get a free shipping voucher code. Not only freong code but you can also get a discount voucher code. Are you good bro?

If at the online shop next door, we have to fight over the voucher code, even if we don’t get it. In Bukalapak, you can definitely get a free shipping code. Let’s discuss one by one.

1. Fierce Thumb Knock

This game has various prizes, such as discounts, free shipping vouchers, credits and others. Friends, you can win a free shipping voucher code through this game from 8 am to 11 pm normal time, friend.

I’ve gotten a lot of voucher codes through this game, as long as we’re used to it, we usually know how many taps to get a voucher. Sometimes it doesn’t take much just 40 taps to get a free shipping voucher code.

But I can’t guarantee it, friend, because every beat is not necessarily the same you get. But if my friend has never been able to usually most likely will get it easily.

2. Wheel of Fortune

Now this one game is quite profitable because if you are lucky you will get a good prize, as I remember there used to be a smartphone prize, friend.

Unfortunately I don’t know for sure how many times a day we can play the wheel of fortune, the sure way is to spend a minimum of 10 thousand and a top up of 50 thousand, then my friend will have the opportunity to play.

If during certain events like recently, you can play the wheel of fortune many times. In my experience once an hour can play.

3. Shipping Promotion

Every day at Bukalapak, there is always a shipping promo and every member can use the code to get a discount on shipping costs.

You can look for this free shipping promo through the promo menu (See All Promos). Then my friend select the shipping menu.

Various delivery service promos such as J&T, JNE, Ninja, Sicepat, Lion parcel, POS and others. Every period is not necessarily the same, bro.

Tips: It’s better to use the code from the delivery promo in the morning, because if it’s noon, afternoon or evening, the opportunity to use the code has run out.

How to Use Bukalapak Voucher Code

To use the voucher code, you can copy the code first, go to the Account menu, then select my voucher menu. look for the voucher that will be used then select “use”. (automatically copy code)

Then in the next step, you just need to enter the voucher code. After successful, the shipping fee will be automatically deducted according to the voucher nominal.

In addition to copying the free shipping code, you can also directly use the voucher via the voucher menu while “Manage Order”. For example, as shown below :

Most likely each order has its own criteria for using the voucher code. So if the voucher doesn’t appear, you can use the first method, which is to copy it first.

Bukalapak is a bit unique compared to other marketplaces. There are many unexpected surprises sometimes and this is what makes me still curious and still installing the Bukalapak application on my smartphone.

OK. So first, friend, information about the free voucher code for Bukalapak.com. Hopefully the simple tutorial in this article is clear and can help you too. Thank you

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