How to Buy Telkomsel Daily Quota 1GB 3000 Youtube Facebook Instagram Ready for Access

Starting cheap, Telkomsel has a new internet package, friend, the name is Ketengan. I think it’s called ketengan because this cheap internet package from Telkomsel is a daily package that you can buy whenever you need it.

What is a Ketengan Quota?
The daily/ketengan quota, which can be considered affordable, has YouTube, Facebook and Instagram packages that are packaged individually. But for the price issue, each package has something in common

We can see this similarity from the active period and the amount of quota obtained has the same price. For example, the 2GB Youtube quota costs 5000, now the Facebook and Instagram quotas also have the same price. Here are the details:

Details of Ketengan Quota Youtube, Facebook and Instagram

  1. 1GB – 1 Day Cost 3000
  2. 1GB – 3 Days Cost 5000
  3. 2GB – 3 Days Cost 6000
  4. 1GB – 7 Days Cost 8000
  5. 2GB – 7 Days Price is 10000
  6. 3GB – 7 Days Price 11000

That’s it, you can first choose which package is suitable for you. If I prefer or recommend packages number 3 and 6 because in my opinion these packages are the maximum package among the others.

For the package above, you can enjoy it on a 2G, 3G or 4G network 24 hours non-stop, friend. Then how to get it? Here:

How to Buy Telkomsel Ketengan Daily Package

  1. Via Dial *888#
  2. Next, you just have to choose which internet package you want to buy
  3. Select the amount of quota you want, then select ok


  1. Via Dial *363* or *363*847#
  2. Choose 5 (Ketengan quota)
  3. Choose the type of package you want, like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram
  4. Then select the amount of quota and the active period
  5. Then select ok

After successful, you will get an sms and successfully the quota has been active and can be used according to the valid active period.

That’s the latest information about the Telkomsel internet package in Ketengan, I hope it’s useful, friend. Thank you

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