How to Remove WhatsApp WA Notifications When Playing Online Games

Notifications that suddenly appear do make you uncomfortable, but in my opinion, friends, these notifications that suddenly appear do help, friends, because what we had to open wa or scroll the screen, we could see the contents.

But this notification will be a nuisance to a gamer because of a notification that suddenly appears. Therefore, the display of notifications like that is not absolute but we can still set it not to appear.

Unfortunately this notification setting does not apply when we set it on the application because after I tried to set it through the application the results were nil. So what we need to do is to set notifications through smartphone settings.

How to Remove WA Whatsapp Notifications

  1. Enter the smartphone settings menu
  2. Then, scroll down select notification & status bar
  3. Select Apps Notification
  4. Find the app you want to set up. If you want to set up whatsapp please search for the application
  5. At this stage, please, my friend, deactivate “Floating Notification. As shown below

Done, my friend just exits the setting and does not need to be saved because it is automatically set to inactive.

This method will stop notifications that appear suddenly when playing online games, and also apply when you open applications other than games. While the vibration or sound will still be heard when there is an incoming chat.

So we can still know that there is an incoming chat and we can open it after playing the game. Now by eliminating the floating notification, you can make your friend even more comfortable when playing games.

That’s all for the tutorial info from Gapunyakode, hopefully those who are having difficulty dealing with annoying notifications can be resolved with the car above. Thank you

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