You know yet? How to Get Free 2GB Telkomsel Quota 2022

It’s rare that there are free data quota packages that are free nowadays, but if there is one, it will run out immediately. But it turns out that there is a lot of free quota from Telkomsel, friend, namely 1GB and 3GB for free.

Maybe there are some friends who don’t know the code, I will show you how to get a free 2GB internet quota for Telkomsel card users. Oh, friends, this quota is different from the free quota of 0 rupiah for the teacher’s room or sciencepedia.

For those of you who don’t know how, you just need to download the mytelkomsel application. Why ? Because my friend will get free quota from the application, yes, this is a little different and not a bonus for downloading. Want to know ?

Well, the trick is that you have to look for a menu like the picture above, which says packages, gifts, daily check in and get help.

If you haven’t found the Telkomsel application, maybe the application needs to be updated, especially for those of you who have downloaded it first.

Next, to get the quota, please go to the “Daily Check In” menu. Well, later on the menu, you just need to get a stamp. As follows.

All you need to do is collect the stamps every day and when the number of stamps is sufficient, you can exchange them for the gifts you want.

To claim the stamp, you have to press the red button below that says check in.

For now, the prizes that can be exchanged for stamps are zalora vouchers, 100 minutes of telephone calls, 1GB for 3 days and 2GB for 3 days. Not bad, friend, 2GB is just an absence of capital.

I also just collected it myself, friend hehe. Instead of being alone, I’d better share it here so that friends who don’t have the code know and enjoy free gifts.

Who knows in the future the reward will be upgraded, right, friend, 5GB for 30 days is not enough to buy quota again. hehe that’s what it is.

So, hopefully a little info this time may be useful, friend. Thank you

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