How to Solve Whatsapp Contacts Not Appearing

The WhatsApp application has become an application that is always opened every day. Social needs for people who are far away or people who do work using this application. Loh kon for work?

Of course in this day and age using social media to earn income is the right way. Because we no longer need to find and meet people one by one, when we have a new product, we can immediately provide information quickly.

But friends, even using the WhatsApp application sometimes there are still problems. One of them is about whatsapp contacts that don’t appear on the friend list even though they have been stored neatly. Therefore I want to discuss this, let’s follow.

When we have started to save contacts, then we can start a chat. If the application you are using is WhatsApp, then you have to make sure that the owner of the contact you save also installs the application. Because otherwise we can’t start a conversation.

When a contact has not been registered as a WhatsApp application user, then they will not appear on the WhatsApp contact list.

If both contacts have the WhatsApp application installed but it still doesn’t appear, then there are some problems in this case. To fix it follow the steps below.

The first step, make sure you give the whatsapp application approval to access contacts on the smartphone. Some cases occur such as not giving access to the application, so there are problems when using the application.

Second step. Check the contacts that you have saved. Writing the contact number must be correct, write the number manually. Do not copy-paste, because sometimes the number is unreadable.

Third step, although it is automatically read by the application system. Sometimes a new contact needs to be refreshed so that the contact immediately appears in the list.

If the three methods have been done but still the contact does not show in the whatsapp list. Then try to ask the contact owner if the number is correct.

There are some people who forget to update their new contacts. So that people who want to contact them find it difficult because the contact does not appear.

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