How to Overcome Photo Upload Failed When Registering Pre-Employment Card

Recently, our government has given the opportunity to participate in the pre-employment card program. In general, this pre-employment card can help job seekers, workers who need competency improvement and workers who have been laid off.

Of course the government’s steps this time are very good and benefit the community. Hopefully this program can reach all regions of Indonesia. It is possible to register temporarily using a smartphone.

The first batch of registration starts on October 11 and ends on October 16, of course those who have not registered can join the second batch. But, friend, at the beginning of registering this pre-employment card, it turned out that there was a problem in registration.

Pre-Employment Card Registration Problem

  1. Can not login
  2. Email is not registered
  3. Unable to upload photos or images Identity and selfie photos (swafoto)

How to overcome

First Solution, Of course, after you register and verify your email. Then the data has been recorded in the database so you have to calm down first, if you can’t login. Because I had the same experience, it’s possible that too many websites were accessed, so this happened.

If it happens that you can’t login even though you have successfully logged in, then we wait a moment so that the website will be reduced from access.

Second Solution, When I can’t login, I try to reset my password and enter the email I registered earlier. It turned out to be a notification that the email is not registered.

To solve this, the solution is the same as the first solution point we just need to postpone it for a while and continue a while later. At least give it a pause and clear the cache on the browser as well.

Third Solution, Overcome the failed upload of identity photos and selfie photos. I myself also experienced this, friend but I finally made it into the first wave. And I will share how I did so that I could register for the pre-employment program.

  1. Give me a recent photo (the one you just took) I used the old photo to no avail and using the new photo it worked.
  2. Take identity photos and selfies as clearly as possible. I can borrow a friend’s cellphone/camera, which is better, I recommend.
  3. Try the size of the photo below 5MB. This maximum size of 5MB I got during my registration and was successful. But I read and read it said it had to be under 2MB for now, but please, friends, try to take photos and continue to upload.

My advice is to start registering from midnight between 12.30 and Fajr, because it is possible that people have already taken a break so that access to the site is reduced.

Note: If it is necessary to reduce the size of the image/photo, you can outsmart it by sending a photo file via WA/whatsapp so that it will be compressed automatically when the image is successfully sent.

How: If you haven’t found a photo file from our shipment, then we just need to resend it from the recipient’s account to our wa account. Then check on the whatsapp images folder gallery.

Like when there is a cpns registration, the site sometimes cannot be opened and the same is true for this pre-employment site. If it’s overloaded, then something goes wrong, my brother can’t select a photo file, more precisely, the button select the ID file can’t be used or doesn’t respond.

So, if there is anything you need to ask, please leave it in the comments column, friend. Thank you

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