How to Disable the Latest Whatsapp Fingerprint (WA)

A while ago I made an article about WA when there was an application update, which was about the security feature using fingerprints. The title of the article is “How to Enable Whatsapp Fingerprint”.

If you need privacy for chat data, then I suggest activating the feature. For the method, please follow the steps in the article, yes. For this time the theme of the article is “How to Disable WA Fingerprint”.

How to Disable Fingerprint (WA) Whatsapp

  • Enter the WA application settings menu
  • Select Account
  • Choose Privacy
  • Scroll down and select “Fingerprint Lock”
  • Continue by disabling “unlock with fingerprint”
  • The image above is still active. Then, my friend, just disable it.

Thus the wa application lock feature using fingerprint will automatically be disabled. So that on the next opportunity you will not find the WhatsApp application lock feature again.

This lock/unlock feature uses fingerprints, in my opinion, sometimes irritates me, why? because sometimes the fingerprint cannot be used or is not read perfectly so the application is still locked.

This only happens when certain conditions such as dirty, greasy hands or dirty fingerprint sensor position. So to solve it, my friend just cleans the finger or fingerprint sensor.

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