Current Original FF Budi01 Gaming ID

ID FF Budi01 Gaming – Free Fire is a game produced directly by Garena and is included in the Battle Royal game type. Most people, including adults, teenagers and even children, are already quite familiar with this game.

Because this game is one of the most popular games in 2023 to 2023 for the Play Store version. This Free Fire game is a game that can be played solo or individually, duo or squad.

If you want to play as a squad, of course you have to invite someone’s ID first. Therefore, ID FF has a very important role in inviting someone to play together.

Recently, many people have been looking for FF IDs belonging to several pro players such as FDW, BNL, Budi01 Gaming, and many other great players.

Not without reason, they are looking for the FF ID so they can add it and play together with the pro players. You must have imagined in your mind how great it would be to play with a pro FF player, right?

For this reason, the first thing you have to do is get the pro player ID. In this article, we will provide information about the original FF Budi01 Gaming ID name. Listen carefully.

What is the FF Budi01 Gaming ID?

Before continuing to discuss Budi’s FF ID, you must first understand what the Budi01 Gaming FF ID means. FF ID is an identity in the form of a number or username that is unique and owned by every FF player.

Don’t worry, in the FF game there will not be the same ID for each account because each account is given a different ID. The ID itself functions as identification, a tool for making diamond transactions, sending diamonds, or for inviting friends.

Bamg Budi of course also has an FF ID because he is also one of the players in Free Fire. If you can get the ID, immediately add the original Budi01 Gaming ID, who knows if your ID will also be ACCED by him.

Budi Gaming Profile

Budi01 Gaming is an FF YouTuber who is often known as Budi, also an influencer and Free Fire player famous for his playing skills.

This man, who was born in Medan on October 9 1997, has become a role model for survivors in Indonesia, especially for children.

His YouTube channel has now reached more than 10 million very loyal subscribers. Budi is known to be very good at playing Free Fire on PC and has won a lot of fans.

It’s not surprising that many fans want to know the name of YouTuber Budi01 Gaming’s ff.

Current ID FF Budi01 Gaming

current FF Budi01 gaming ID name

Many Budi01 Gaming fans want to know the name of the FF ID that Budi uses when playing. For information, Budi is part of the UWDE squad

The current Budi01 Gaming FF ID number is 119413181 and the Budi01 Gaming FF name is DPW ARES. See also: Budi01 Gaming Sensitivity

Remember, don’t misuse this ID for inappropriate purposes and end up harming many parties.

Characteristics of the Original FF Budi01 Gaming Account

In order not to encounter a fake FF Budi Gaming account, you must know the characteristics of a genuine FF Budi01 Gaming account. The characteristics are as follows.

  • Join the UWDE ID squad
  • Has the nickname DPW ARES
  • Has GG profile statistics
  • The number of likes reached more than 44 thousand
  • There is a Booyah logo
  • Using male characters
  • Skins are used in the form of pets and characters

That’s a brief glimpse of information about the original FF Budi01 Gaming ID. Now you know the name of the FF YouTuber Budi01 Gaming, so you don’t need to look for the FF ID of Budi01 Gaming anymore! Hopefully the information above can be helpful and useful.

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